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The Whisper of a Whistle

Written By: Karen Roller

My grandson, Simon hears the whisper of the train whistle long before it reaches the crossing.  “Papa, train, bye, bye!” which translated means, ‘Grandpa, hurry up, let’s go see the train!”

And every day, Papa takes him to see the train. He carries him close to talk with the engineer. He holds him when the whistle blows up close and Simon shakes with excitement and fear!  He walks with him on the side tracks, jumping from tie to tie.

I often don’t hear the train whistle. It’s not that my hearing is bad, but I’m not listening. I don’t really care about the train, but Simon does care. He loves the train so much that he is always listening for it.

I want to listen for God like Simon listens for the train. I know he is speaking, but too often I don’t care to listen. I want him to hold me in his embrace while he whispers his plan. I want him to take me up close to what he is doing, trembling with excitement and awe. I want him to grasp my hand and help me jump to the next; leading me in the direction he wants me to go; I just need to take the step of listening.

Simon and the train; how great to have such passion and joy. Lord, make us like children!

Simon and the train; how great to have such passion and joy. Lord, make us like children!

We know that God has a plan for the Grace Center and the ministry there. He has told us (during those times we have listened), that he will fulfill all the plans that he has shown us: plans for the church roof to be done, the school to be built, the healing of hurting and broken people to take place – through prayer and through the hospital. Sometimes I get impatient, just like Simon screaming, “Hurry up, Grandpa, let’s get a move on here!” I want things to be finished here and now!

Meanwhile, God is saying, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened, I will give you rest.” “Take up my yoke, for it is easy and light.”

WHAT? Didn’t God get the memo that things are not finished here at the Grace Center?

He did; and he has a plan for how that is going to happen.

So what I am supposed to do in the meantime?



Join me.

Will you pray this week?

1.     Food- so that we can extend our school day to a full day instead of half a day. We are planning in the next few weeks to move to a full day of school for the children. This is so important for our kids for two reasons – A) they need more learning time B) this has been a devastating year for the crops and many families are already struggling to feed their children more than one meal a day. For this reason, we want to provide two hot meals a day at our school but we need the resources to purchase more food. Thank you for helping us ask Father for our daily bread.

2.     Secondary Students- We have 38 students in Secondary School this year. They face temptations and challenges that most of them are not equipped to deal with. The influence of western culture is tearing them apart from their cultural roots. Temptations of sex are dragging them into the pit of teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS. Party atmospheres at some of the schools are leading our kids into situations that keep them from studying and doing well in school. Please join us in praying for God’s protection over our children. Click here for a list of our secondary school students so you can pray for them by name.

3.     Leadership and Planning-  On Friday, Karen meets with a team from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. This team is preparing to design our school! They will be working on designing our new Early Childhood Development Center (including birth through preschool programs), our new playground, the new dining hall, and 5th to 8th grade classrooms. We’ve completed the building of our 1st to 4th grade classrooms! Check out this video from the summer!


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The Path To Relationship

By: Kaitlyn Miller

Lives matter. Relationships matter.

The first time I went to Malawi I was eager to get to work. I saw so many needs and felt I could find ways to ‘fix it’.  Thankfully; I was surrounded by loving Malawians who wanted me to understand their way of life and culture. They set me on the path to relationship.

I went to Malawi to face a problem I was very passionate about, food insecurity. I desperately wanted (and still do) to see food available to all the world and people with knowledge and resources to never go hungry. I wanted to go full-steam ahead with my research to help as best I could and as fast as I could. I am so thankful they embraced my passion but taught me a new way to harness it. You see there are no faceless problems in this world. Each direction we are called to serve has a face behind it. Jesus called us to love first and foremost and my Malawian friends gently taught me what that looks like, relationship.

A priority of Malawian culture is to value those around you. Step one of EVERY conversation is a greeting. People ask each other how they are, but it is far from the American ‘Hey, how are you?’ with a quick smile and no pause for response. Malawians genuinely tell each other how they are and then take action.  I once witnessed a lady respond, “Oh, I am not well; my shoulder hurts,” and the woman who had asked how she was immediately stopped and prayed with her. What intentional living and loving!

Our Heavenly Father is very intentional with us. He sent his Son into the world so that we could be restored to real relationship with him. We were not left as orphans just as our children in Malawi are not left alone to face their trials.

Finally, we want to grow in relationship with you just as our Malawian friends have taught us to do. Don’t let your passion go unharnessed; tell us your strengths and get plugged in! We want you to know our kids, staff, and other supporters along with their stories so that you can become a part of the conversation. We want you to join us in praying for our friends, projects, joys, and needs. Do you have prayer needs? We want to pray with you for the things on your heart. Join our email list, sign up as a sponsor, or send us a question when you have one. Join in the conversation on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s take engagement to the next step! We value you as member of the Circle of Hope family; let’s grow together!

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