Celebrating a Leader of Love

Have you known someone who loved so FULLY so COMPLETELY that it changed the way you saw love? 


When I first met Karen Roller, I was in a searching phase of my life. I was searching for a deeper relationship with Christ and searching for a way to actively serve him. Karen's example of love was truly transformative for me and taught me a lot as I searched and learned. Even today, the grace she gives and love she shows make a daily difference in my life. 

If you have seen Karen in her element in Malawi, holding babies, conversing with the women of the community, and working in the schools you've seen the LOVE she emanates. 

If you watched Karen's love story, you have seen the passion and love God has given her for loving his children. (If you haven't then follow the link below.) 

Today, is this lover and leader's birthday and I wanted to take a second to say THANK YOU! 

Karen, as a Circle of Hope Board Member, a past team member, a staff member, and a friend thank you for all the bold sacrificing, genuine laughing, African dancing, cold coke and hot tea loving, super organizing, effective teaching, and creative leading! 

We are better for knowing you and are thankful you were born today! We see how much you love your family and friends and know they all echo our love for you! Enjoy today because we are enjoying it just knowing it's your day! 

Posted on March 3, 2018 .

When The Chocolates Run Out...

They say February is the month of love and we agree! 

Global heart.jpg

Valentines is over but the rest of February doesn't have to be love-less. The chocolates have run out at home and the fuzzy feelings from date night might have faded as chores need tending and responsibilities of another work week are upon us. Luckily, love is not chocolate and pure love can withstand any highs and lows, including a chocolate drought!

 All this month, we have shared COH love stories with you. What constants have you seen from story to story? What undeniable traits does pure love portray? They're certainly not chocolate covered or fuzzy bears but rather steadfast passion, compassion, and faith. Want to see our stories? Head on over to our Facebook page! 

When Jesus walked the earth he spoke frequently of love and it's role in our lives.

Teacher, which is the most important commandment in the law of Moses?”
Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.’
— Matthew 22:36-38

Recently, someone asked me what made our children in Malawi happy...I believe love does. The children of the Grace Center love with their entire hearts and the joy that brings is contagious. They do not have endless possessions or stories of exceptionally warm and fuzzy childhoods but they do have a very tangible understanding of their role in God's kingdom and the love Jesus has for them.

As we associate love with chocolate, our friends in Malawi teach us to associate it with LIFE! As Christians, no matter where we live or what our experiences have been, it is the love of Christ that sets us free! 

This past summer we were able to buy lots of (fruit) for the children. One day, I took bananas to Patricia’s home to hand out to all of the children (there was enough for each child to have two) but sweet Agnes held onto both of hers until I was finished passing them out to everyone & then she gave me one. I tried to refuse but she wouldn’t eat hers unless I was also eating one with her. My heart was so humbled. These children know selfless love better than anyone I know. I will never forget this sweet act of love!
— Mickenzie Brownlow
mick banana.jpg
I recall a day when I felt loved by Batwell. Sometimes it felt like an impossible task to rally all of the boys together for scheduled Bible study and multiple times it didn’t even happen. Makes you wonder if they really care and what impact it was actually having. One afternoon, Batwell came up to me and asked, “When are we having Bible study?” So simple, yet I felt so loved in that moment. He valued my teaching of the Word and wanted more. Then, I felt loved by God. Realizing we may not always see the fruit right away in the work we do, but God is in the business of changing hearts and the actions in His timing will follow.
— Ryan Kennell

Go buy some half priced leftover Valentines goodies this week but remember that all is not lost when that last piece of sugary goodness disappears... stay tuned for more love this month!

Posted on February 19, 2018 .

Community Transformation: Economic Development

Productive land that yields plentiful, nutritious crops and small businesses are the building blocks of Africa’s restoration.

One of the major contributions Circle of Hope is making to the community surrounding the Grace Center and to the expanded areas where our irrigated farms are located is the opportunity for employment and growth.

We are now producing almost all the food needed to feed our own children (over 1000 people are fed a day at the Grace Center). The income from our mill, Hands of Grace Textiles and the farms in addition to our sponsorship donations make it possible to continue our work, We are employing more than 120 people! Employed people also boost the economy of their local community by shopping in the local markets and grocery stores.

In 2017, our economic development and impact continued to grow. One of our goals from the very beginning of our work in Malawi was to IMPOWER our employees to invest in their own communities. We are pleased that with our teaching and training of employees in farming and business practices has made it possible for their own incomes to grow and their generosity right along with it! A few stories of our employees successes follow:        

  Mr. Jonamu, pictured here with his wife, Margaret. Mr. Jonamu serves as a lay leader in the Grace Alliance Church; Margaret is a cook for the Primary School.

 Mr. Jonamu, pictured here with his wife, Margaret. Mr. Jonamu serves as a lay leader in the Grace Alliance Church; Margaret is a cook for the Primary School.

This year I have food for my family and some to help people who are suffering in my community.
— Mr. Jonamu
  Isaac Banda , pictured here with his wife and daughter. Isaac teaches chapel and computers at Grace Primary School and serves as the school/church liaison.

Isaac Banda, pictured here with his wife and daughter. Isaac teaches chapel and computers at Grace Primary School and serves as the school/church liaison.

By following the agricultural techniques I’ve learned from Pastor Phiri at the Grace Center, I more than doubled my crop yields this year!
— Issac Banda

This is made possible because of the invests YOU make in Circle of Hope! We love seeing God's people serve each other and build each other up...even from across the world! Thank you! 

If you're new to COH and would like to know more and take more action follow these links below:

Posted on January 22, 2018 .

Community Transformation: Healthcare Changes Lives

As an organization we are committed to community transformation. Healthcare is a key way we're bringing that change to the Grace Center and surrounding community.

My baby would have died.
— Alinafe
alinafe and victoria.jpg


Our Maternity Center isn’t open yet, but that doesn’t stop us from taking care of moms and babies! Alinafe gave birth to Victoria after a very serious bout of malaria. After 5 days her breastmilk supply was still not in, she came begging for formula. We kept her for a few days and pushed lots of water, within a day her breastmilk came in and Baby Victoria began to thrive.



Can you imagine if this quote was your own? What powerful words...fearing for your child's life is no small concern.

Join us in making this change REAL and this problem RARE as we get our doors open and help countless others. Plus, see how far we have already come. 

Posted on January 19, 2018 .