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Faith From Flooded to Fed

Faith From Flooded to Fed

By: Kaitlyn Miller

Recently, we asked you to describe Malawi in one word. For me, Malawi can be described as faithful. Growing up on a farm myself, I understand how easy it is to feel as if the weather controls your way of life and your joy rises and falls as the weather comes and goes. In Malawi, most families rely on sustenance farming but I was not met with an ebb and flow of attitudes and faith: I found a country full of people with faith in God’s provision despite their situation.


This January, devastating floods took out countless fields and homes throughout much of Malawi. Afterwards, farmers replanted only to be hit by an extreme drought. True hunger and starvation are following in the wake of these back-to-back disasters. The United Nations recently warned 2.8 million people will be without food in Malawi due to these devastations to the nation’s crops and food supply. Even now, families in our Grace Center community are cutting back to one meal a day to stretch their resources.


When we talked to our staff, in Malawi, about how we should address this extreme need we were excited and humbled by their solution. Daily, we have over 500 children eat breakfast and attend school on our campus. Our Action Plan is to feed the hungry God has brought to us by adding school lunches into our daily schedule.


By adding lunch, we are able to increase classroom instruction time by extending our school day and we are able to fight devastating hunger by providing a hot breakfast AND a hot lunch for our children.


While in Malawi, I worked with our anemia feeding program and I know first hand the joy and relief that comes from even one extra meal for a child. The parents told me over and over how thankful they were God provided and fed their child. This new lunch program will do so much more than feed a few children; it will feed all our children and develop our community and school in an exciting way!


Parents are investing in this Action Plan by paying 500 kwacha each to help purchase the extra food. This does not cover the full cost of the added meal, but these parents are giving a full day’s wage for this program. We are honored to partner with our community to feed our children.

Let's partner with our students' parents to provide needed food and instruction time for our kids!

Let's partner with our students' parents to provide needed food and instruction time for our kids!


We need an additional $0.50 per child per day to feed lunch. That is an additional $15.00 per month for each child. How exciting that such a difference can be made with only $0.50!


How do we take this faith and turn it into food? Here are your opportunities to join us in this exciting moment of development and provision:

-Increasing your current sponsorship to 30 dollars a month (That is an increase by $5 per month.)

-Beginning a sponsorship for a child in our school system

-Giving a one-time gift to this project

-Advocating for our children

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The Whisper of a Whistle

Written By: Karen Roller

My grandson, Simon hears the whisper of the train whistle long before it reaches the crossing.  “Papa, train, bye, bye!” which translated means, ‘Grandpa, hurry up, let’s go see the train!”

And every day, Papa takes him to see the train. He carries him close to talk with the engineer. He holds him when the whistle blows up close and Simon shakes with excitement and fear!  He walks with him on the side tracks, jumping from tie to tie.

I often don’t hear the train whistle. It’s not that my hearing is bad, but I’m not listening. I don’t really care about the train, but Simon does care. He loves the train so much that he is always listening for it.

I want to listen for God like Simon listens for the train. I know he is speaking, but too often I don’t care to listen. I want him to hold me in his embrace while he whispers his plan. I want him to take me up close to what he is doing, trembling with excitement and awe. I want him to grasp my hand and help me jump to the next; leading me in the direction he wants me to go; I just need to take the step of listening.

Simon and the train; how great to have such passion and joy. Lord, make us like children!

Simon and the train; how great to have such passion and joy. Lord, make us like children!

We know that God has a plan for the Grace Center and the ministry there. He has told us (during those times we have listened), that he will fulfill all the plans that he has shown us: plans for the church roof to be done, the school to be built, the healing of hurting and broken people to take place – through prayer and through the hospital. Sometimes I get impatient, just like Simon screaming, “Hurry up, Grandpa, let’s get a move on here!” I want things to be finished here and now!

Meanwhile, God is saying, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened, I will give you rest.” “Take up my yoke, for it is easy and light.”

WHAT? Didn’t God get the memo that things are not finished here at the Grace Center?

He did; and he has a plan for how that is going to happen.

So what I am supposed to do in the meantime?



Join me.

Will you pray this week?

1.     Food- so that we can extend our school day to a full day instead of half a day. We are planning in the next few weeks to move to a full day of school for the children. This is so important for our kids for two reasons – A) they need more learning time B) this has been a devastating year for the crops and many families are already struggling to feed their children more than one meal a day. For this reason, we want to provide two hot meals a day at our school but we need the resources to purchase more food. Thank you for helping us ask Father for our daily bread.

2.     Secondary Students- We have 38 students in Secondary School this year. They face temptations and challenges that most of them are not equipped to deal with. The influence of western culture is tearing them apart from their cultural roots. Temptations of sex are dragging them into the pit of teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS. Party atmospheres at some of the schools are leading our kids into situations that keep them from studying and doing well in school. Please join us in praying for God’s protection over our children. Click here for a list of our secondary school students so you can pray for them by name.

3.     Leadership and Planning-  On Friday, Karen meets with a team from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. This team is preparing to design our school! They will be working on designing our new Early Childhood Development Center (including birth through preschool programs), our new playground, the new dining hall, and 5th to 8th grade classrooms. We’ve completed the building of our 1st to 4th grade classrooms! Check out this video from the summer!


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