The Path To Relationship

By: Kaitlyn Miller

Lives matter. Relationships matter.

The first time I went to Malawi I was eager to get to work. I saw so many needs and felt I could find ways to ‘fix it’.  Thankfully; I was surrounded by loving Malawians who wanted me to understand their way of life and culture. They set me on the path to relationship.

I went to Malawi to face a problem I was very passionate about, food insecurity. I desperately wanted (and still do) to see food available to all the world and people with knowledge and resources to never go hungry. I wanted to go full-steam ahead with my research to help as best I could and as fast as I could. I am so thankful they embraced my passion but taught me a new way to harness it. You see there are no faceless problems in this world. Each direction we are called to serve has a face behind it. Jesus called us to love first and foremost and my Malawian friends gently taught me what that looks like, relationship.

A priority of Malawian culture is to value those around you. Step one of EVERY conversation is a greeting. People ask each other how they are, but it is far from the American ‘Hey, how are you?’ with a quick smile and no pause for response. Malawians genuinely tell each other how they are and then take action.  I once witnessed a lady respond, “Oh, I am not well; my shoulder hurts,” and the woman who had asked how she was immediately stopped and prayed with her. What intentional living and loving!

Our Heavenly Father is very intentional with us. He sent his Son into the world so that we could be restored to real relationship with him. We were not left as orphans just as our children in Malawi are not left alone to face their trials.

Finally, we want to grow in relationship with you just as our Malawian friends have taught us to do. Don’t let your passion go unharnessed; tell us your strengths and get plugged in! We want you to know our kids, staff, and other supporters along with their stories so that you can become a part of the conversation. We want you to join us in praying for our friends, projects, joys, and needs. Do you have prayer needs? We want to pray with you for the things on your heart. Join our email list, sign up as a sponsor, or send us a question when you have one. Join in the conversation on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s take engagement to the next step! We value you as member of the Circle of Hope family; let’s grow together!

Posted on September 12, 2015 and filed under Engage.