10 Reasons Why YOU Need To Join COH Team 2017

You know you've seen them...those addictive little lists with the Top 10 reasons for everything. We couldn't help but join in. We think there are 1,000 AND 1 reasons for you to come to Malawi with us this coming summer but here are a few to start with so you can think it over. 

Reasons why YOU need to join COH Team 2017!

10. You get to hug the most darling kiddos and hold the most beautiful babies! 

We know we are biased; but seriously, how could you say no to a face like this?

9. Challenge yourself! 

Learn a new language, experience a new culture, allow God to show you more of himself, ect.! Challenges make us grow, get out of that comfort zone and fix your eyes on Christ and he just might enable you to walk on water OR climb a tree during a sermon!

8. Unplug! 

Throw away your phone. No, not really. Unplugging while you are in Malawi is a definite plus! Our world is inundated with technology and constant demands for our time and attention; put yours away and spend a few dedicated weeks focused on those the Lord places before you. The kids love seeing selfies and phones are such useful cameras these days...it is fun to dedicate it's use to connecting with those right in front of you instead of the world at large!

7. Get in shape and experience TRUE strength!

Malawians carry hundreds of pounds on their heads while walking hundreds of miles but that is not where their true strength lies, it is in their faith! Get motivated to walk around our campus and community but more importantly get motivated by the strength of Malawian character!

6. Fanta!

We kid you not, the Fanta is legendary! Just ask the experts...(click here to read a true, professional opinion on how GOOD this stuff really is!) Malawian Fanta is world renowned but previous team members will tell you the Pineapple Fanta and CocoPina are wonderful too. Plus, a cold drink is a special treat in Malawi so maybe it's the excitement that makes it taste SO good! (Click the button, read the article, you're welcome!)

5. Communicate without words!

No, we are not mimes but we do a pretty good job of communicating without words sometimes. There are very few things as powerful as communicating with someone based on eye contact, smiles, and gestures. When words are not an option love bridges any gap and really shines through! 

4.  Prioritize!

Saving to be on the team sets your priorities on things above yourself BUT witnessing giving from someone with very little to someone with even less will rock you to your core! 

3. Hear the Lord in a new way, literally!

Malawians take making a joyful noise unto the Lord very seriously and do it so beautifully! It is so fun to watch the children sing as they go about life and to hear the choirs on Sunday. 

2.Learn what love truly looks like! 

Nope, love is not a box a chocolates or a teddy bear but it can be a smile, a prayer over someone, a hug, or even a plate of food. When you are on a team focused on sharing the love of Christ it is amazing the ways you see love! 

1. Be Christ's hands and feet!

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. (James 1:27 NLT) There is no blessing like caring for those who God has put on your heart AND are in his too!

Convinced? Click below to go to the 2017 team application. We will see YOU in Malawi!




Posted on September 21, 2016 .