10 Ways To Volunteer With COH

It's a good day at Circle of Hope International! We are busy, busy preparing for the arrival of Pastor Phiri in a couple of weeks and getting our fall off to a great start while prepping for a blessed 2017 summer! Tired, yet? We may be but we'll never tell! There is a lot to do but that is part of the blessing of working for the Lord; there is great JOY in the work and we are never alone in what needs to be done!

We are truly blessed with wonderful COH family and we love how actively engaged you all are in the process! As this time of preparation is upon us we want to reach out and share this opportunity for YOU to find your way to actively engaged and helping!

1.       Come work at the COH office in Wilmore, KY at 10:00 am on Saturday, October 1, 2016.

There is something extra special about community and physically being together; join us! Plus, my grandmother always said many hands make light work, bring your friends and let's get working!

2.       Write a letter, color pictures, send a card to your sponsor child.

Don’t sponsor a child? Just send a letter, card or picture and we’ll get it to a child who doesn’t yet have a sponsor. Just as our hearts overflow when they reach out to us, theirs are touched when they feel thought-of and loved!

3.       Sew a skirt!

Our girls are always in need of modest, cute, functional skirts! If you have a passion for sewing we have a pattern for you and some girl who would be blessed to wear your labor of love! Contact Stephanie Byrne for the pattern at ssbtlc58@yahoo.com for the pattern! Nancy Gerber is unable to go to Malawi but channels her passion for Malawi into her sewing and blesses the girls with skirts, follow her example today!

4.       Ask your friends to help you collect clothes for the kids.

Our friends and COH family member, Teresa Short has compiled a list of what items are needed so we meet specific needs for our kiddos instead of carrying items all the way to Malawi and there still being missing items or needs. Contact Teresa at to find out what you can do! teresashortbiz@gmail.com 

5.       Make up a game or activity for our Education team.

As our curriculum expands and we add grade levels we need more and more educational emphasis! If you are talented with educational games or have experience as an educator get with Karen and she will connect you with our Education team! (karen@cohcommunity.org) 

6.       Write an email asking your hospital for medical supplies, dentist for toothbrushes, etc.

Local businesses love to get involved but if they don't know about the need they cannot participate! Take some time to reach out to businesses in your community today!

7.       Search on the internet for grants or awards that might help us in our work.

We are blessed to live in the technology age for many reasons; this is one! Spend some time searching for grants and awards with us! We have been blessed with grants in the past and are thankful for this avenue.

8.       Contact your employer to inquire if your company will match your donation.

Many companies match donations instead of having specific charities they support. Is your company one? Ask!

9.       Scroll down the Facebook page and share 2 posts that you like.

The trick to reaching others via social media is sharing things you're genuinely passionate about. Look through our Facebook page and share 2 posts that get you excited to be part of our community!

10.   Talk with someone about COH today. Tell them why you like COH, why you like sponsoring, or what Jesus did for you in Malawi.

a.       Face to face, so genuine and personal!

b.      Mail them a sponsorship brochure with the reason you like sponsoring through COH.

c.       Send a Facebook message to invite them to visit and like our FB page.




Posted on September 30, 2016 .