Taking Off...the journey to Malawi and having an OPEN clinic

Oh, happy day!  Our first team of the summer is starting their journey to Malawi today!

They are all saying goodbye and leaving home right now then meeting in New York this evening. Tomorrow morning at 11:30am they will leave New York and take a 17 hour flight to Johannesburg, South Africa and then from there they will fly into Lilongwe, Malawi! 

Team 1 is headed to New York where they will spend the night and fly to Johannesburg in the morning!

Team 1 is headed to New York where they will spend the night and fly to Johannesburg in the morning!

We have covered them in prayer and are confident of the HUGE impact they will have for Christ's kingdom this summer! (Are you wanting to know more prayer needs and get more pictures? Sign up to be a prayer partner below.)


The team members are not the only ones with jobs to do this summer: we need YOU to take action too! We are $1,525 from having Step 3 completed and our clinic fully funded so we can open our doors and have a running clinic on the Grace Center Campus to serve our kiddos and community! 

Here's the action plan: as our team sits on the 17 hour flight let's raise $100 for each hour! How encouraging it will be for our team to find out we are supporting them and Karen and crew can begin the work of opening the clinic doors when they hit the ground because we have raised what they need to make it happen! 17 in 17!

You all have blessed us in MAJOR ways throughout this process of opening our clinic and getting it ready to have a doctor on our campus full-time! We are near the finish line and we know it is possible! How you ask? Check out the awesome story of our board member Karly Glibert below.

On May 6, 2016 COH Board Member Karly Glibert was heading to Indianapolis, Illinois to watch her mother and sister run in a marathon when she decided that if her family and friends raised $500 for the clinic in Malawi she would join in on the fun and run the marathon WITH ZERO TRAINING!
Karly not only finished the race BUT as she ran her family rallied and they turned her initial $500 into $1000 before Karly hit the finish line!

Seriously yall, Karly is an awesome example of how much FUN it can be to be a "sender"! God has not called us all to Africa this summer but he has still give each of us a way to play a part and make a difference! Here we go! Join us for 17 in 17!

Posted on May 24, 2016 .