It isn't just business, it's personal. Step 2 complete! Onto Step 3!

What an exciting time! We have been super blessed lately with God’s provision through the teamwork of our awesome COH community! We set out a plan to get our clinic open a few weeks ago and we have flown through the steps! So far we have:

·      Completed Step 1! We raised $8,000 for and started building our doctor a house on the Grace Center campus.

·      Completed Step 2! With you, we raised for $9,700 for renovations and additions to our clinic building, furnishings for the clinic, and stocking our pharmacy so we are ready to pass inspection and start helping people SOON!

Together we can accomplish these goals and see these steps to completion!

Together we can accomplish these goals and see these steps to completion!

Ready to hear the best news? We are well on our way to completing step 3! For this next step, we need a total of $7,300 to pay the salaries for our doctor and receptionist for the year. Take a moment and process that one…$7,300 for TWO salaries for a YEAR! As an organization, we focus on paying a fair wage and keeping it appropriate for Malawi. Seriously y’all, think of the accessible healthcare this will provide for our children and Malawian community AND create two new jobs. We have $2,435 for this step so far…leaving only $4,865 to go! Click the link below to donate.


Why now and why a clinic? It is not just the next step in a list of things that need to be's personal! We all have known someone who needed immediate medical attention…imagine if they had not had that access just like our Malawian friends do not.

Karen and I were discussing the completion of step 2 a few days ago and I was headed home to write a blog and let y’all know we were ready to start step 3 when I got a heart-wrenching phone call. My daughter’s pediatrician called me and told me he got the results back on some tests they had just completed on my 4 month old little one and we needed to head to the hospital immediately because he expected she would need emergency surgery.

We spent that night in the hospital with my little girl and by the next night we were home. God either healed her of the problem her doctor identified on the tests or he brought us a surgeon who saw she did not have it before doing surgery…either way we were super blessed and know it is through God’s provision that she is playing in my lap as I write this.

However, all night in the hospital and often after we returned home I kept playing the what-if game in my head. What-if my baby had been in Malawi? What would her medical care have looked like? Would she have had access to a doctor and medicine? This realization for me as a mother and as someone who loves my Malawian friends is so deeply personal.

My heart has been crushed by the loss of our children this year. I loved them dearly and it still stings when I think of their losses. NOW is the time to move forward in Malawi. NOW is the time to raise these funds and open our clinic doors so our Malawian children are met with what-ifs but by accessible, adequate, and appropriate healthcare. I do not want to play the what-if game. I want to know our children are provided for, don’t you? Click the link below to read more about our plan for AAA healthcare in Malawi.

Posted on May 11, 2016 .