More Than Halfway There!

We did it! We reached our first goal and have completed the first step to getting our clinic running! Zikomo kwambiri! (Thank you very much!) We are truly blessed with a great community that steps up and joins in when need arises!

Here's the best news, are you ready for this? Seriously...brace yourselves! We not only met our goal of $8000 by April 30 to build the doctor's house; WE ARE OVER HALF WAY TO COMPLETING STEP 2! Seriously! How awesome, right? You guys rock!

Let's keep this rolling! We have $5000 of the needed $9,700 to make the renovations to our clinic building so it is ready to pass inspection, see patients, and meet Malawians' health needs. Here's how the $9,700 breaks down:

  • Renovations to the Clinic $5,200. Our clinic currently has two very large rooms. We will build walls inside one room for an exam room, waiting room and treatment room. We will be giving the whole building a fresh coat of paint and spiffing up the exterior of the building as well.
  • Furnishings for the Clinic $2,500. This will purchase a desk, beds, chairs, lockable cabinets for the pharmacy and more.
  • Stocking the Pharmacy $2,000. 


What's the hurry, you ask? We have seen a true, immediate need this year for healthcare in Malawi. Not only have we tragically lost our own children from Patricia's Home but this past week; two more children from the area close to the Grace Center lost their fight to Malaria. Enough is enough, Malaria is a treatable disease! The clinics in Malawi are overrun with need and short on staff, medications, and are not always accessible. We have a goal of total wellness in Malawi, both spiritually and physically...join us! Let's get this clinic running!

The clinic is part of our AAA plan to provide wellness and health for our kids and our community. We want to provide adequate (meets and exceeds standards) appropriate (proper treatment for the ailment) and available (close proximity to those who need care and healing) healthcare! Read more about these 3 A's  in our previous blog here: 

Posted on May 2, 2016 .