Summer Update!

Baby Jachai

Baby Jachai

Summer is in full swing and our teams have been having a great summer in Malawi! As updates come every few days, I continue to be amazed at how God is already at work. We truly count it a blessing that God chooses to use us. The fact that he could do it all without us, but counts us worthy to do his work astounds me every day.

A few highlights so far this summer:

-All of our teams have made it safely to Malawi so far (a few delays, but all in all we can’t complain)! Praise Jesus for safe travels and all of their luggage arriving with them!

-The team got to meet our newest addition, baby Jachai. Upon seeing him, they discovered quickly that he was not being fed properly. The poor little guy was very skinny. They educated the moms on properly mixing the formula and have seen great improvement in him already! We praise Jesus that they caught the problem when they did and that he is already growing stronger and doing very well!

Women's Conference

Women's Conference

-In one day alone, 60 kids were seen in the medical clinic!

-The women and Pastor’s wives both had weekend conferences. Both of these went extremely well.

-Our teams have made two trips to Chipoka, there they have been making preparations for an irrigation system to be installed. Pastor Phiri has been working on developing this area and has doubled the property and built a house for the pastor. The access to the property is beautiful! They also have a gorgeous vegetable garden, hooray for great food for our children!! The development and work done here is absolutely astounding.

-Over 500 youth were at the Grace Center this past weekend for a Youth Conference. The prayer was that God would call the youth into a deeper relationship with him and would call youth into ministry. We hear that they had a great time.

Youth Conference

Youth Conference

A few prayer requests for the remainder of the week:

- June 18, 2013 – Pray for our team traveling to Chipoka to visit the children there. Pray for the irrigation systems that are being planned. One of those systems will be installed in Chipoka. Pray that Jesus will provide the funding for this project and that he will help us find a source for all the needed parts to put it together. This project will substantially help our crops!

-June 20, 2013 – Pray for our team as they go on safari. Praise Jesus for the beauty of his creation. May the team experience His glory in a new way on this trip!

-June 23, 2013 – Pray for Dawn Cole as she preaches in church. Pray that many will be released from bondage and come to experience Jesus’ transforming power in a new way today. Pray for our second team that leaves today: Kaitlyn, Vickie, Dakota, Mary, Conrad, Deidra, Cynthia, Holly and Kari. Vickie will be ministering through prayer to the women and assisting Karen. Deidra is joining the medical team. Kaitlyn and Holly will be working with the preschool children in the anemia program. Kari will be working in nutrition. Mary, Conrad and Cynthia are visiting from Texas Tech University and will be meeting with colleagues from Mzuzu University to make plans for future projects at the Grace Center.

Thank you for joining us in prayer. We are already seeing the fruit of sitting at Jesus’ feet and letting him guide us. With more than half of the summer remaining, I can’t wait to see where we go from here! If you would like to receive our weekly prayer update, contact (until July 1) or (after July 1).

Posted on June 19, 2013 .