More Kids to Love!

     Wow,  it is hard to believe it is July and one team has already come and gone from Malawi!  It has been amazing to partner with God and there is a sense that He is far from done this summer!

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Spaghetti Dinner and Fanta 

    There were plenty of hugs and smiles when the kids came and had spaghetti and Fanta with the team at Pastor Phiri's house.  Who knew that a 2 year old could drink Fanta from a bottle and not spill a drop!  Just seeing how far the children had come in learning English was amazing. They really enjoyed drawing and writing in our Prayer Journals and we loved seeing their work.  There are certainly some budding artists in the group!

Home Visits  and Ministry

     Having the opportunity to go into the villages and meet one on one with families is definitely a highlight of the trip.  Imagine the scene,  forty-five people, all in the back of a flatbed truck, going to share the love of Jesus with some friends who live near the Grace Center.  God showed up to bring healing and encouragement, and and we got to be His hands and feet.  One group had two villages show up ready to have church.  There was singing, dancing and celebrating!  The people in the village had been waiting for someone to come and share Jesus!  Another group prayed and God healed a man's leg.  Wow, there is nothing more exciting than being where God is working!

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More Kids to Love 

Make room for more, because they are coming!  In just the past couple of days the Grace Center has received 5 more children!  We have Emily and her sister Felicity.  Lontia and Boniface have another sister, Belifa so she is now with us.  There are also two dwarf children (absolutely adorable),  Lonjezo which means "promise" and Tadala which means "blessings".  God said He would be sending us more kids to love, and here they are! 

Some Things to Pray About 

-July 3 - Pray for our team as they go on safari.  May they experience another part of God's glory in creation!

-July 7 - Pray for our third team that leaves today to travel

to Malawi:  Alissa, Lisa, Joey, Liz, Lisbeth, Cary, Heather, Danielle, Kimberly, Pat and Rebekah.  Pray for Alissa as she leads this team.

 -July 7 - Pray for Karen as she preaches today.  Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to come and soften hearts to the love of Jesus.  Pray for many to come to know Jesus as Savior and experience His freedom in their lives. 

-July 7 - Pray for Team Two as they return home that the Holy Spirit will guide their safe return and help them process what they have experienced. 


Dawn Cole




Posted on July 1, 2013 .