Great Army Rising

About a month ago I sat praying about Circle of Hope when an image came to mind. It was a simple, flat map of the United States, but suddenly people started popping up all over it. It wasn’t concentrated in a certain state, and no part was excluded. I sensed God telling me to prepare, a great army was rising up all around.

As a part of our audit, they calculate growth throughout Circle of Hope. In the last year, we have experienced more than 100% growth in the sponsorship program! As of today we have nearly 700 children in our programs, 452 of these children are sponsored! A great army, defending the orphans.

Just this last week, little Jachai was born and brought to us. As we began to seek a sponsor for him, we got a rapid response, but from an unlikely place. AUSTRALIA! I have been excited about my image of the map of the United States, but I hadn’t even begun to think that we would spread our support beyond the U.S., let alone across the world to Australia!

But all along, God has known. He knows who he wants fighting for his orphans and he is building up a great, great army. We look forward to following Him to the ends of the Earth, wherever His army is rising. Below you will see a chart of where our children are currently sponsored. We are amazed at the continued growth within Texas. Thank you for helping us spread the word, connecting us with churches, and sharing us with your friends! For those of us in other states, myself included, let’s take this as a challenge. Who can you tell about Circle of Hope? How can you get your church involved?

Thank you for joining us and sharing about the work we are all doing together! Keep it up, God’s just getting started! 

State support.jpg
Posted on May 20, 2013 .