Legacy of MORE: Remembering Baby Steven

Friday afternoon, our sweet baby, Steven Chipeta, went to be with the Lord.

Steven was born prematurely and came to us at three weeks old starving and fighting for his life.

Our house mothers, staff, supporters, community, and the Grace Alliance church joined together in a beautiful display of faithfulness and love to lift this sweet boy up to the Lord's throne in prayer for all ten days he was in our care. We cannot help but feel saddened at a precious life lost too soon, but we also see the true beauty of God's family coming together to shine his love.

Baby Steven.jpg

We were blessed with multiple individuals and families stepping up and sponsoring Steven as soon as he came into our family. We are thankful for their response to a need and pleased to announce they have all decided to take their committed annual sponsorship of Steven and dedicate that money to the completion of maternity center.

We have been discussing that our children deserve MORE and in the wake of this tragedy we cannot help but continue this thought. The what-ifs and how-comes hit hard when any life is lost; but especially when a child's life ends. We want to DO MORE for our children, God's children.

As a community of believers and supporters, let's honor Steven's life with a commitment to MORE.

We want to have more resources available for expectant women and premature babies. To do this, we are increasing our fundraising goal for the maternity center to equip our facilities with neonatal care necessities and increasing training and education of our medical staff and MORE.

To quote our Board member, Dr. David Smith, "This might not only be a legacy gift...but one that will actually help prevent this from happening. I love ministry that is reactive to brokenness; but I love more pro-active ministry efforts."

We have a matching gift challenge and commitment for this week at $1,000 to kick off this legacy of love and prevention! Click below to join in! 

As parents, we always want to take the hurt from our children. This is simply impossible, but thankfully there is action that CAN be taken!

This week we will be talking a lot about answering the call to give towards a future, but for today we simply want to honor the life of a sweet boy whose future is with the Lord and hope that we will be able to do exceedingly MORE for our community in the days/months/ years to come.

Posted on December 17, 2017 .

We Imagine MORE!

Imagine with me, your BOLDEST dream come to life.

How different would the world be?

How would your life look? Those you love? Those you don’t even know?

We know that our dreams feed our futures when they're based on God's promises.

We believe that our dreams are the expressions of our hearts desires. Psalm 37: 3-4 teaches us to submit these desires and dreams to the Lord and watch, with delight, as he works in our desires and our lives.

Are you living in a way that your desires match the desires of God? Do the dreams you have reflect his love, power, and goodness?

dare to imagine.jpg

These past several weeks we have asked you to dare to imagine with us. Here are some of the things we (as COH supporters and partners) imagine and dream for our community in Malawi:



-We imagine a world where all of God’s children would have the resources and the food their bodies need!

-We claim God’s goodness over our children and community!

-We are working to be God’s hands and feet in a spiritually and physically hungry world.

  • Actions to take for hunger:

-Donate to our school lunch program. We feed our children TWO hot meals per day to relieve the some of burden of meals from their parents and take action against this fierce hunger griping our friends!

-PRAY for our community as they face their hungry season now.


1.1.10 .jpg

-We imagine a world where no child would suffer abuse, abandonment, or homelessness.

-The Bible commands us to serve widows and orphans and we take this very seriously. In fact, Circle of Hope started as an orphan feeding program when we realized the hunger and need our community was experiencing. Then, we saw a need that was greater than a hot meal could address and we opened Timothy's Home then Patricia's Home. 
-Today, we have babies to teenagers in a loving environment and stable home because of YOUR partnership and God's vision and plan for these children. 

  • Actions to take to provide homes for children:

-Sponsor a child living in Timothy’s or Patricia’s Home

-PRAY that members of families and communities will step up and care for the hurting and helpless.



-We imagine a world where our community has access to education and jobs.

-We imagine a world where our children know they can dream of any career.

-As a child, most Americans are told they can do any career they choose. It is time to give our Malawian children that same ability to dream and achieve!

-Our schools are bringing affordable, quality education to our community in Malawi. Many of our students in our preschool and primary school would not have access to quality education or the realization that their dreams can be reality without the Grace Alliance Schools.

-We have secured land for a university on our campus! God has given us a big dream and we are thrilled to see how he works and moves in and through it! 


  • Actions to take to further education and build up the infrastructure in Malawi:

-Donate to our schools! We are currently building eating and play areas, the next grade level’s classrooms, and more. Check out all that we are growing!

-Purchase something from our textile center. We are thrilled that the textile center is on our campus providing jobs and generating income to make our ministry more sustainable. Get your Malawian goods now!

-PRAY for our students and schools…we have a school prayer sign up sheet with many openings for you. We know and believe in the power of prayer over our schools and students. Pick your month now!

clinic2a (1).jpg

-We imagine a world where:
NO woman should have to deliver her child without assistance, dignity, proper treatment, or respect.
NO child should starve because their mother was not given information about how to breastfeed or had the opportunity to formula feed if nursing was not possible.
NO person should die or suffer because a minor infected wound was not treated or cleaned properly.
NO person should be ill because of preventable food borne illness.
-We will NOT stand for a world where our friends are not able to have basic, quality care!
-Praise Jesus, our clinic registration is underway and SOON we will be able to begin our Maternity Center and provide much needed services.


  • Actions to take to bring healthcare to our community:

-Donate to our maternity center! Our fundraising thermometer is going up! Join in on the fun!

-PRAY for our clinic, our doctor, and CHE. Pray that we will see the needs of our community and know how to respond and have the resources to do so!



What did our team and COH community members dream?


“I imagine Jesus' love to spread throughout the village and for my heart to be forever changed. What do you imagine?” 
-Shelby Rhea


“I imagine there were would no longer be children going to bed hungry, fresh and healthy foods would be readily available in every community in every nation, and sickness would decrease. Awareness and the desire to be His Hands and Feet would make a difference.”
-Lori Floyd-Brooks


“I dare to imagine a world where women feel safe, respected, loved, valued and protected as they experience pregnancy and childbirth- bringing new life into this world. I dare to imagine a world where babies and mothers are given the best possible care and chance for survival.” 
-Shae Jansen


 “I dare to imagine a world where quality healthcare is accessible for our sweet babies!! Where AIDS is no longer a threat and Malaria or other sickness is no longer worth worrying about!!”
-Emily Ingram


“I dare to imagine a world where the Grace Center becomes a sending platform for young church leaders and church planters. Where the Grace Center's prestigious educational facility with be a place where students from near and far come in order that they may become equipped to satisfy Christ's mission to take the Gospel to the nations. Learning how to meet real material needs, and how through that love, pointing people to their greatest need - Christ.”
-Ryan Kennell


“I dare to imagine a world where all kids have equal opportunity to education and the opportunity to follow a career path of their dreams regardless of how they grew up or how many family members they have!”
-Meghan Munson


“I'm daring to imagine that God can fulfill the huge vision he has put on my heart for our kids in Malawi! Sometimes it's more than I can bear, but yesterday, Jesus spoke to me again thru these words: Come thou long-expected Jesus, come to set your people free. From our fears and sins release us, let's us find our rest in thee.” 
-Karen Roller



We dare to imagine something BOLD and BEAUTIFUL for our children! What dreams do you have for our children that you would like to see imagined?

Posted on December 14, 2017 .

World AIDS Day 2017: Hope Claimed!

 Today, December 1, is World AIDS Day, a day aside to build awareness and raise funds for care and cures. 


AIDS devastates people all around the world. According to the World Health Organization, greater than 70 million people have been infected with HIV and about 35 million people have died of HIV. Globally, 36.7 million people were living with HIV at the end of 2016 and 84,000+ of those were in Malawi.

Just like with hunger, this issue is NOT faceless. This is something causing immense struggle for our community in Malawi BUT we have HOPE!

At the Grace Center, we have an AIDS support group who meets on our campus. They do not let their diagnosis determine their outlook and are some of the most positive and giving individuals on our campus! They give more back in the fields than any other group and make a direct impact for good! They find support in the time together, food they receive, power of prayer, and giving back; what an example for our children to see! 

Our fields are worked by Grace Center employees and local community members who volunteer time for their use of our resources. NONE work as tirelessly or with as much passion as the AIDS Support Group. 

Our fields are worked by Grace Center employees and local community members who volunteer time for their use of our resources. NONE work as tirelessly or with as much passion as the AIDS Support Group. 

Additionally, we have several children in our care at Patricia's Home and Timothy's Home who are HIV positive. Through consistent medical care and diligent attention to their nutrition and medication our children, despite their diagnosis, are joining many HIV+ people around the world with average life expectancies compared to their peers! This is HUGE! Jesus came for us to have life and have it abundantly and we are thrilled to see the quality of life increasing for our HIV+ children! 

Nation-wide there is estimated to be 530,000 orphans in Malawi as a result of AIDS. 

One of our own children was even HEALED of HIV! Eunice and Kumbukani's mother was HIV+ and at birth both Eunice and Kumbukani were HIV+ as well. After coming to our campus, they were prayed over and Eunice was completely healed of HIV! Kumbukani's transformation has been one of spirit even though he lives with HIV, his mind and soul have been renewed and his attitude is the proof. Again, see the HOPE their lives portray? 

Eunice's transformation continues! 

Eunice's transformation continues! 

We want this hope to be the norm and not the fear and pain which are associated with hospital care and testing in Malawi. Sadly, countless women are truly afraid of hospital care due to the poor treatment and lack of respect and dignity given to them during labor and delivery. As a result, many give birth at home and their children become HIV+ when medical care could have prevented this tragedy. 

When surveyed this summer here is what a woman in our community in Malawi had to say:

“Because of the great number of people who are treated so abusively at clinics, lots of women deliver their babies at home.  They don’t want to face the embarrassment and poor treatment at the clinic. But with delivering at home you don’t get your blood tested and you don’t prevent diseases from passing to your child.  If you need extra help with the delivery, it’s not available.”

We will NOT stand for this. The hope that we have tells us that settling for care that is less than available, adequate, and appropriate for our people is NOT the way! We are excited to address this deep need with our maternity center!  Follow the link below and read more about your role in making this happen today! 

The Maternity Center is under construction! With the clinic in the final stages of registration it will not be long until we can make this dream a reality and address the quality of maternal care available to our community. 

The Maternity Center is under construction! With the clinic in the final stages of registration it will not be long until we can make this dream a reality and address the quality of maternal care available to our community. 

Meeting and loving people with AIDS for the first time is one of the things our team members have to process and start to understand in their hearts. God sees the hurting and struggles and shares unending love and that reality is life changing for those experiencing this type of pain for the first time. 

When we were walking away from Patricia’s home, after meeting Janet for the first time, Sydney told me that she is HIV+. This kind of shocked me because I have been so scared about HIV and AIDS in the past, but this little girl who I just fell in love with is HIV+. I feel like if I had known that before holding her, I would have looked at her differently.
— Anna Stock 2017 Team Member https://cohcommunity.org/circle-of-hope-blog/2017/8/23/annas-malawi-diary

Every night for a while now Kumbukani and his sister, Unice come eat with us. A couple of days ago Kumbukani was tested positive for HIV and his younger sister Unice tested negative. It is still unknown the details of what is wrong with Unice. I don’t think Kubukani has been told he has HIV but I am sure he realizes he is really sick. He is so sullen! Tonight, he saw a video of himself dancing at our welcoming and he laughed the most pure and precious laugh and smiled. In that moment, I realized what a truly heavy burden has been placed on a small, innocent child. (June 26, 2013)

I understand that people suffer from diseases everywhere and there are millions of children suffering from all kinds of illnesses globally and even locally in Texas. However, for me Kumbukani represents the uniquely personal devastation of knowing one of these children. He is not a number in a statistic. He is not just a child in a picture. He is not a story from Africa. To me, Kumbukani is so much more than all these titles represent. He is my gift of heartbreak from God. You see, I am thankful for my brokenness because in my weakness God is powerful and his grace and love flow freely into my broken heart and direct my, now searching, eyes. My eyes are directed upwards…
— Kaitlyn Miller 2012 Team Member https://bootsbiblebackpack.wordpress.com/2013/08/

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MPHAMVU! Claiming God's Power!

As you may have seen on our Facebook page, this week has come with BIG revelations for our school breakfasts. 


Since we began our school 7 years ago, we have received our breakfast porridge through our District Social Welfare office (via Save the Children or most recently, Feed the Children) regretfully, these organizations have pulled their support and will no longer provide porridge through our district. We are rushing to check prices on corn, peanuts and soybeans to make a nutritious porridge for the children.

We will need to change our food budget, so please pray for the kids' daily bread. We KNOW God will provide.


The Chichewa word for power is mphamvu. If you have been to Malawi you have undoubtedly heard this word. Malawians rely on the Lord in a way that those of us who have never had to worry about our daily bread are unable to comprehend.

The POWER of the Lord is evident because the level of their surrender is deep!

In Malawian prayer, everyone joins together and prays simultaneously. Prayer is reverent and surrendered to the Lord but simultaneously BOLD and strong! Voices lift with strength to God calling on His power and standing confidently before the Lord. 


Will you stand confidently with us today? We come with great expectation and thrill to see how God will provide for our children! 

Take time to boldly pray and stop and listen. How is God asking you to take action? 

If you are being led, to give here's your link! 

If you are being led, to help us raise funds for this new budget and unexpected expense hop on over to our fundraising page!  

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?  Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?
Matthew 6:25-27
Posted on November 17, 2017 .