One Word At a Time: Preparing For Summer 2017

We are counting down the days until our 2017 teams head to Malawi!

Whether staying or going God has plans to bless and reach his people and you play an important role! Team work is VITAL whether you are a sender or go-er this summer.

Our teams have spent hours raising funds, praying, preparing, collecting donations, and more. We are so proud of the teams that we are sending this year! Recently during team meetings, Karen asked each team member below for a word describing how they're feeling about the upcoming trip.

Education team

Education team

Evangelism team

Evangelism team

Medical team

Medical team

As these smiling faces complete their final preparations, join us in praying over them and their families. Additionally, pray for the Malawians each person will have contact with. Pray that God will prepare hearts and paths that his glory will shine through our teams and HIS purposes will be accomplished.


What word would YOU give to the upcoming summer? Is sponsor a word you're considering? How about partner? We are needing partners to join us in investing in the future of COH and the Grace Center as we secure a vital piece of land. Click the links below:

Posted on April 28, 2017 .

When You Lose Your Heart And Find The Lord: Sponsorship

Have you ever had an experience so profound it changes the entire rest of your life? Has Jesus shown you something so beautiful, so profound in his plan for you that your foundations shook?

If you have been present for a birth, you have witnessed God's kingdom grow. For me, (Kaitlyn here) the moment my daughter was born I realized I had seen God's plan grow. His plan and his purpose unfolded before my eyes with this child HE sent for HIS glory.

That moment happens over and over at the Grace Center...people realize the purpose and beauty of the Lord when looking outside themselves and into the eyes and heart of a child.

Exodus 9:16 says, "But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth."

What greater news could there be?! God has purpose for you! God has purpose for ALL of us! We wants to use you and those you love to proclaim his name. The Lord of all wants to use you to show his power!


Here's something else to process: the Lord wants to use his children you have not even met yet for that same purpose. He has created beautiful souls to glorify himself all over this earth.

What if your purpose is to help someone realize theirs? What if that moment of realization of God's great love and glory is waiting for you behind the eyes of a precious little boy or girl needing a sponsor?

Is God extending his love to you in a new way by showing you more of himself through a new person?

Sylvana found more of the Lord in Malawi. She fell deeply in love with the country and the children and in the process, she found more of the love of the Lord.

Watch her story of sponsorship below and embrace God's calling on your life today! (Get your Kleenex ready!)

We can never know too much of God's glory or beauty! By knowing children in Malawi and inviting them into my heart and my family through loving them and sponsoring them I have seen more and more of the Lord and it's been a truly life changing experience.

Psalm 33:11-12:

But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever,
    the purposes of his heart through all generations.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
    the people he chose for his inheritance.

Sylvana said it best, "As a result of this of this place, as a result of the LOVE I have found, my role as a nurse back in the states as changed tremendously just because of the way this place has impacted my life."

Let the LORD change you for his glory, let his face shine through you just as his does through Sylvana! Follow the link and join our family through sponsorship.

Posted on April 25, 2017 .

One Step Closer!

When you step on Malawian soil, the dirt penetrating your shoes and coating your feet, you FEEL the power of the love of the people, the strength of their resolve, and the challenge of their hearts to provide a future for their families. 


For years, Pastor Phiri and Karen Roller, Malawian Director and Executive Director of Circle of Hope International, have been speaking of the dreams and goals God has placed on their hearts; among these, a university on our campus. We have prayed, hoped, and dreamed of this a great deal over these years but this past year a university has been more than a lofty future dream it has begun to take shape.


We started last year needing $75,000 to secure the land for our future university and our children’s future education. Today we proudly announce we have only $25,000 remaining!  Look at these thermometers! God is providing in mighty ways! We are thrilled to only have a few remaining landowners to pay and this piece of property in its entirety will belong to COH and be ready to cover the feet of our children in it's soil for generations to come. 


As we look at each acre of land purchased, we see each dollar and kwatcha given AND each child who will have an access to endless opportunities. Thank you to our partners, prayer warriors, and generous friends. We cannot wait to see how the Lord uses this land for his glory! We have seen many donations and sacrifices and each is important and appreciated. The beauty of partnership is at work again! 

If you are wanting to join us in this push to the goal click donate below! We are SO close! 2/3 of the way there means only 1/3 to go!

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Good afternoon! We are THRILLED to share a BIG announcement with you about the outcome of the Passion Into Action campaign we, Circle of Hope, were included in. The following is an excerpt from the blog of  the campaign's creator, Amy Abell. Visit her blog here.

The time has come to share the results of this year's Passion Into Action campaign, which is part of the larger Forget the Frock movement. Our theme this year is HOPE because, let's be honest, the world so desperately needs the HOPE of Jesus. 

By definition, HOPE is an assurance of things to come; a feeling of expectation and trust; the ability to expect with confidence. When we say that God is our hope, we are saying He is the one in whom we place our full confidence. Not in ourselves. Not in our husbands or wives. Not in our family. Not in our friends. Not in our money. Not in our jobs. Not in our world leaders. Our hope cannot be reliant on anything of this world. Jesus, the Son of God, is the HOPE of this world! Hebrews 11:1 states:

"Now faith is confidence in what we HOPE for and assurance about what we do not see."


For our 2017 Passion Into Action campaign, we chose five organizations that are bringing HOPE to this world, and they all have the word HOPE in their names. We translated HOPE into the languages spoken by the people they serve to display on the front of our shirts.By simply shopping with a purpose and wearing a t-shirt on Easter Sunday, we have the opportunity to bring HOPE to this world! 


My goal for this year was to sell at least 400 shirts, but when I would pray over this campaign, I asked God to help us sell 500 shirts. I am SO excited to share that thanks to all of you who purchased shirts and shared our campaign with others, we sold 536 shirts this year!! For every shirt purchased, you had the opportunity to vote for which organization you wanted to receive 100% of the proceeds. 


Are you ready to see how many votes each organization received?? 

Project HOPE: 94 votes (18% of total votes)

Hope Road Nicaragua: 62 votes (12% of total votes)

Hope For The Warriors: 90 votes (17% of total votes)

Hope For Justice: 129 votes (24% of total votes)




Circle of HOPE

161 votes

(30 percent of total votes)!!!

When I met Kayla Stine for the first time at our church on Orphan Sunday, I had no idea how much God was already at work. During that first conversation, Kayla shared with me her passion for Circle of Hope. This organization exists to witness to the good news of Jesus Christ by engaging in works of mercy and justice alongside the world's most impoverished people in rural Malawi. Kayla sponsors children through Circle of Hope and has travelled to Malawi with CoH on short term mission trips. 

Because you decided to forgo traditional Easter clothes and instead purchased one of our HOPE t-shirts, we are able to donate...

$5,000 to Circle of Hope this year!!

We could not be more pleased to see God working in such magnificent ways and providing for our children by creating new partnerships and connections each day. 

When deciding what to spend this $5,000 on Karen Roller, COH Executive Director, had two major goals for the would-be project. 1. Something that represents HOPE 2. Something lasting

We have decided...

drum roll...

We will build an outdoor dining shelter and play area at Patricia's Home! We cannot wait to see our children play on clean, cement floors, and eat, not in the dirt, but on a clean, purposeful surface! Can you imagine the dance parties, fun, and singing these walls will see?


Thank you again to Amy Abell and the Passion Into Action campaign. We want to challenge our COH community to post a picture of themselves in their new t-shirts and use #passionintoaction2017 and #cohcommunity! Let's see those pearly whites as we lift up prayers of thanksgiving for God's provison for our children once again!


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