Celebrating a Leader of Love

Have you known someone who loved so FULLY so COMPLETELY that it changed the way you saw love? 


When I first met Karen Roller, I was in a searching phase of my life. I was searching for a deeper relationship with Christ and searching for a way to actively serve him. Karen's example of love was truly transformative for me and taught me a lot as I searched and learned. Even today, the grace she gives and love she shows make a daily difference in my life. 

If you have seen Karen in her element in Malawi, holding babies, conversing with the women of the community, and working in the schools you've seen the LOVE she emanates. 

If you watched Karen's love story, you have seen the passion and love God has given her for loving his children. (If you haven't then follow the link below.) 

Today, is this lover and leader's birthday and I wanted to take a second to say THANK YOU! 

Karen, as a Circle of Hope Board Member, a past team member, a staff member, and a friend thank you for all the bold sacrificing, genuine laughing, African dancing, cold coke and hot tea loving, super organizing, effective teaching, and creative leading! 

We are better for knowing you and are thankful you were born today! We see how much you love your family and friends and know they all echo our love for you! Enjoy today because we are enjoying it just knowing it's your day! 

Posted on March 3, 2018 .