Back To School


To quote You've Got Mail, "I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address." 

It's that time of year! Freshly sharpened pencils, new backpacks, and shiny, school shoes fill our homes to kick off a new school year in America. 

Though it looks a little different, students, teachers, and parents are gearing up for a new school year in Malawi as well. This year we are excited to have preschool through 6th grade on our Grace Center campus! Classes start TODAY, September 18, and the excitement is running high. 

Our teachers have been working tirelessly since school let out to fine tune and polish their skills and our schools with our education team this summer and within their own grade levels and schools since. 


What is next for the Grace Center schools? 

This year, we will continue our school lunch program, feeding our children TWO hot meals per day. This makes a remarkable difference for the families we serve! Our children will be fed and ready to focus.

Our instruction time will be structured and our discipline will be intensional and consistent. We are excited to see how this combination will give direction in our grade levels which will each have a qualified teacher (equivalent to a certified teacher in America).


Also new, 6th grade! We added the 6th grade to our schools in Malawi this year! We completed one new classroom but we still need more structures to provide the needed space and literal structure for our kids! Our next building products include:

  • Additional 1st grade classroom
  • Kitchen/ Dining hall
  • 3 more classblocks for our growing school

The extra training, extra structure, and new classrooms are starting our new school year out in a very exciting place for learning, laughing, and loving for the children God has given us to teach!

We pray you and your family are having a positive start to the school year and we ask that you pray that over our staff and students today also! Stay tuned for more ways to spread love in our schools this week! You may not be able to send bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils but you CAN send prayers and support for our new school needs!

Posted on September 18, 2017 .