HELP WANTED: School Prayer Partners

Have you ever looked into a child's eyes and wondered how you could truly make a difference for them? Have you seen potential in someone but not known what the next step to encouraging them looked like? 


Our children are blessed to have our COH community surrounding them! They have potential and opportunities that simply would not exist without Jesus' direction and provision through your hands and feet! 

Through our schools on the Grace Center campus we have a very unique opportunity to impact change to Malawi! It's crazy and exciting! It is daunting and big! It is real and powerful! 

And most of is showing real LOVE

You can look into our children's eyes and see HOPE. They come from a variety of backgrounds to our schools each morning but they never cease to fill our hearts with love. Many are hungry, some are scared, some have been abused, others abandoned but ALL will be given meals and messages of Jesus and love! ALL will be taught and given a chance at a different kind of change for their community! 


The children of Malawi, and specifically COH, have shown countless people what love *really* looks like! Now it is our turn!

Our goal this year is TIKONDANE, let's love one another! What better way to love than to spend time in prayer for someone else?

We want to start a prayer chain for our schools for this school year and summer! Click the link below to be a part! 

We trust in God's plan for our schools and our students. Help us pray scripture, love, and prosperity over our children! Our goal is to sign up two people for each month starting NOW. Will you embrace love and TIKONDANE?

Posted on October 18, 2017 .