MEAT Our Partners: National Champions!

Congratulations to our partner, Texas Tech University Animal and Food Sciences Department, on a UNDEFEATED meat judging season and NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! Never in the history of meat judging has a team won ALL 7 contests in a season and this team did!

As an organization, our partners are vital! For five years and counting, Texas Tech has partnered with us to work on food security, food safety, animal production, and more. It's a joy to see hard work pay off and friends be successful!

We want to wish a big congratulations to one of our Summer 2017 team members, April Molitor on being second high individual overall in the contest! Also congratulations the team's coach, Dr. Mark Miller, who has been to Malawi more than three times and lead many other students and projects through our years of partnership to make change in our children's daily lives in Malawi! Our team members are pretty impressive!


April's team mates, Clay Benedele and Erin Beyer, were also with her in Malawi this summer working with Mzuzu University. We love seeing these smiling faces in Africa AND America doing big things for their futures and their world!


That's great, you're thinking. But WHAT is meat judging? We's a common question for anyone new to this beefy scene. It is a competition designed to analyze cutability and quality in beef, pork, and lamb. Check out the explination below. 

How does this meat apply to you? This is one way our team members have taken their unique talents and god-given passions and applied it to Malawi. What is your area of expertise? Is God calling you into action in a cooler or in Malawi? Let us's not too late to join our Summer 2019 teams AND we have a hook-up to let you tour a meat cooler too. 

Want to know more about how the team did?

Posted on November 14, 2017 .