Update Season Has Begun!

Good afternoon! Kaitlyn here with a little personal insight:
Update season is upon us! What's that you ask? That is the nickname I have given this phase when our teams are returning home and the updates start flooding in. Let me let you in on a little secret: for those of us who did not get to go this summer this season is social media GOLD! 

My Facebook has constant pictures of Malawi in my newsfeed and my heart is overjoyed as I see friends processing their time in the Warm Heart of Africa and start to share. Truth be told, I do my best to enjoy every season God sets before me but genuinely, deeply I love this time. I love to see people process how radically God is moving. I love to see pictures of my Malawian friends my heart holds so dear. I love to see the GROWTH!

I have not been able to go to Malawi in 3 years and every time I see pictures my heart spills with pride at how well our children are doing and how they are growing and thriving! Check out these comparisons of 2013 and 2016 below. Thanks to Carmen Hortenberry for her beautiful, updated pictures! There are countless more examples and I know deep in my heart what a beautiful testament these growing, healthy kids are to God's grace and goodness at work!

As we get the new sponsor pictures uploaded, sorted, cropped, and printed, you will soon see this update season in all of it's glory too! Pictures of your precious kiddos will soon be in your hands and the growth of another year will be on display. Post these pictures when you get them! Enjoy these moments in all their significance! These are not just a piece of paper, they are a life you're tied to and another year of THRIVING made possible by your connection with them! If you do not have a sponsor child yet, this is also a wonderful time to get one! Our teams have just returned with stories and pictures so it is a perfect time to get to know a special kid! Click below to start your sponsorship journey today!


The children are not all that has grown, the Grace Center is growing and changing daily too. My first summer in Malawi we were all in tents and Patricia's Home was not even on the campus yet. It fills my heart with joy to see us expanding and growing into the vision that God has given Pastor Phiri for the Grace Center. Now, we have electricity, water, a growing school, and so much more! This update season holds some amazing pictures of the land we need to secure SOON to fulfill this dream. Stay tuned and get excited! Our neighbors are seeing the resources, jobs, and success and the community is growing (as we have always dreamed) but we have to act fast to stay on track for our goals! To join this exciting cause and contribute to our land purchase donate below.

Are you a team member just getting settled back into your routine at home? Please know your 1001 pictures and statuses are NOT driving us crazy. Do not be self conscious, post away! God has shown me so much of himself, his faithfulness, and his JOY in your posts and as you all process. We are praying for you as you adjust and we know how it feels, share away! 

Whoever you are, may the updates be often and plentiful! Happy Update Season to you all!

Posted on August 17, 2016 .