Crowded mats and full hearts

Is there any better news than hearing someone has accepted Christ and found eternal life and His genuine love?

Over the past week we have seen over 130 Malawians added to Christ's kingdom! What joy! What celebration! What FREEDOM!

2016 COH Evangelism Team

2016 COH Evangelism Team

Our evangelism team has begun their reaching and teaching in the villages of Malawi and we are seeing the fruit of their prayers and obedience...souls saved! In one day alone, over 100 people prayed to accept Christ! 

In Malawi, straw mats are a mainstay of 'furniture'. A family's mat is their table, bed, couch, and church pew. Malawians warmly greet each other and then sit on their mat in church and at home. I have seen many crowded mats during my time in Malawi and every time I am touched by how people share all they have, including personal space. In church, mats are so full it is hard to wiggle but Malawians do not notice, they embrace the closeness and it transitions from closeness to true intimacy of spirit as they pray and praise together.

When I heard the good news that over 100 people are now added to my Christian family I instantly thought about a Malawi mat filled with these new brothers and sisters. What a beautiful image to have, a shared space so full of love and joy because everyone on it has found the truth and the light!

However, there are many more souls to be added to the mat. The evangelism team has gone to very remote locations and even seen a village so caught in their satanic cult and worship that they were literally afraid of the team and the light they brought. Many people of this village hid a distance away and heard our message over the sound system. The word of the Lord planted a seed and we are asking that you pray with us that God will continue to open doors for those people and that they too will desire to join the mat and find everlasting life!

African worship services are so passionate, joyful, and genuine. Pray with us that God will lead and direct our team and the people of Malawi to share that unbridled zeal and love so more may know him!

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Posted on July 11, 2016 .