Room to Grow!

Growth has always been a pillar of the Circle of Hope dream. Growing the children, community, economy, school, and crops are all ways Karen and Pastor Phiri have been Jesus’ hands and feet through this ministry. As they look to the future of COH they agree that we need to have room to GROW! Here is a beautiful testimony from Karen showing how The Lord is working and the growth he is leading us towards:

“This morning, we were on our tour of the Grace Center and Jesus gave me a really neat picture. Pastor Phiri was leading our team as we were touring the Grace Center and as we walked my “too many months in the office” legs grew weak and my knees felt shaky like jello. The team went on ahead of me and as I lagged behind, I was praying about the land that we want to buy to add to the Grace Center. The story of the 12 spies who went into the promised land came to mind. Here we were walking thru the land that we want to purchase one day to build a university, our own promised land of sorts.  As I walked, my legs aching and my knees shaking, I saw Pastor Phiri at the front of the line of team members. He was striding along, strong and confident. Then the Holy Spirit gave me a picture of faith: As we move forward in step 4 (purchasing land), we have a choice in how we will respond to this step. On the hillside today, following the team with trembling legs, I made my choice! I believe it is time to secure this land to complete the Grace Center. The land is good! The Lord’s message is clear!”

Let’s grow towards our future! We have seen time and time again how the Lord provides and blesses us when we take a BOLD step in His direction and we are choosing to do that now. Click below to join the growth and secure the future with us!

Posted on June 24, 2016 .