He lives; there is hope for ALL!

Happy Easter! Jesus is risen!

What a significant event! Our savior not only chose to die for us but he ROSE! Hope is now eternal because the son of God took on our sin and overcame! We have freedom and hope forever when we are in Christ.

What a freeing message! When working with children who have seen hunger, pain, and are orphaned we see such a need for freedom. We have seen the hungry rejoice when given food. We have seen the abused find peace. We have seen the struggling find relief.  Here are a few of their stories:

As a small child, Lino was inducted into witchcraft. When he arrived at the Grace Center, Lino was shown Christ-like love and found freedom in Christ. Lino is now a genuine leader for Christ. He is a shining example to his younger siblings in Timothy's and Patricia's Home. Lino even translates Bible stories and lessons for our teams; continuing to take what could have been a broken life and act in the fullness he was blessed with in Jesus!

Alinafe was five when her father died. Her mother was then chased from their home and village with her two small children. Desperate, Alinafe's mother abandoned her on the steps to the Grace Center office and fled with the baby. Today, Alinafe has experienced the healing and joy a life in Christ provides and is one of our most loving and passionate children.

Each one of our beautiful children has a story in which Jesus brought them from broken to whole. It's easy to see how much freedom was needed in their lives. Have you thought about where freedom is needed in your life? Jesus died and rose for ALL. We are all hurting, hungry, orphaned, or broken in some way.

Today, and every day, let's rejoice that Jesus' love story did not end at the grave. He rose triumphantly over all!

Have a blessed Easter!

Posted on March 25, 2016 .