Open Gates: Time To Grow Our Land And Legacy


To reach our goal of university level training, we must increase the size of the Grace Center. NOW is the time to expand! We have an opportunity to move forward and secure this integral piece of God’s promise!

We have seen God move in HUGE ways in the last 10 years and we know he is moving now. As the ministry of Circle of Hope and the Grace Alliance Church reaches the local community it is growing and developing. We love to see our area growing! The access to education, jobs, and clean water is developing our community just as we hoped! BUT we believe in progression BEYOND our campus, our community, and even our country! We know that when we follow God’s plan ripples will be sent out into all of Africa!

 So, why buy land right now? NOW is the time because in order to follow the vision and direction God has given us we know we have to prepare for a university on our campus. We have to take the next step to obedience so we can see his plan in beautiful fulfillment!

 Our children are standing where the gateway to our university will stand when we purchase this necessary addition. These beautiful promises of HOPE and FUTURE are going to reflect God’s goodness in the world beyond their community when we give them the tools of education and to do that we HAVE to secure the land.


How do you partner with us and take ACTION to bring the future forward?

Give a Legacy Gift- The Legacy gift allows you to place a stone with your loved one's name or your own name engraved on it at the entrance to the Grace Alliance University. These engraved stones will tell the story for decades to come of those who faith-partnered with us to bring transformation to Malawi and to Africa. Legacy gifts are $1000 or more toward the Land purchase. Request one name for each $1000 you give and leave a legacy of education! Examples: Len and Karen Roller, The Roller Family, Circle of Hope International.

Give an Honor Gift- The Honor Gift allows you to place a name on a plaque that will acknowledge our faithful supporters who have brought this vision to life. Any gift of $100 or more toward the land purchase will be memorialized on our plaque. Request one name for each $100 you give and leave a lasting memory of your loved one at the Grace Center.

We are looking to the future and we have complete confidence and peace because we know the same God who provides for us now and directs our paths, the same God who gave us visions and direction in the past, is already in the future, loving our children and promising them a hope and a future!

Posted on November 21, 2016 .