The Look Of The Future

Think back to elementary school for me...what did your classroom look like? Were there colorful posters on the wall and a big white board? Where was your desk, in the front?

Now, take a trip with me to the fifth grade class at the Grace Center...

Our fifth grade children are sitting where their new classrooms need to be. Is this how you imagined a classroom? It may not look like a classroom but we think it looks like the endless growth and possibility of the future.

We are excited and dedicated to bring education to our community but we need YOU to partner with us so this will not look like a corn field any longer and it will be transformed into much needed classrooms. God gave Pastor Phiri a vision of a university on the Grace Center campus...walk out this vision with us and take this next step; classrooms and a dining hall and kitchen.

We will be adding a classroom block AND a new kitchen and dining hall. Through our partnership with Texas Tech University designs have been developed for the new dining hall, now, to make it a reality!


Eating lunch with our kids is a special experience. Our teams love the quality time with the children and our kiddos love watching the Azungu eat nsima. It is our dream these fun times and bonding experiences can happen around a table and inside a building instead of on the dirt.

Are you the person to partner with us and make class in corn stalks and lunch on the ground a thing of the past? We think so. It's time to focus on education and walk out the vision the Lord has given us and embrace the passion he has provided!

Posted on November 20, 2016 .