We blew out the candles but our vision is still on fire!

The party is done and the leftover cake is gone and the candles have been blown out so it is really starting to set-in that Circle of Hope has officially turned 10! We had the best time celebrating with each of you and now we are looking forward to growing into the future together!

In 2006, Pastor Phiri began this ministry with a vision from the Lord of how He wanted to change lives in Malawi by caring for orphans, setting people free, and providing a platform for true growth. God has provided in mighty ways as we listen to his voice and follow as the Holy Spirit leads. Let’s keep going!


The next phase of our vision brings the focus to Education! Pastor Phiri told us in an interview that education must be our #1 priority for these next 10 years. This includes growing our schools up through the university level as well as furthering our community health education programs through the clinic. 

We know that under the leadership of Karen and Pastor Phiri and in partnership with each of you we will accomplish what God has asked of us! It is a joy to see our Circle of Hope community embracing the miraculous path we are walking to the future together!

Our children are our future and we want to invest in that by focusing on their education!

Our children are our future and we want to invest in that by focusing on their education!

 Education is a cornerstone to development. We are excited to continue the journey to education in Malawi with you! Here are the ways we are focusing on education in our fundraising:

·      Food: The school lunch program enables our kiddos to focus, learn, and truly thrive since they are more focused on what they’re learning instead of where their next meal will come from.

·      Land: When you close your eyes and picture someone you love getting their college degree it’s a beautiful thing…try it with the face of a Malawian you love! If we are going to accomplish our goal of a university at the Grace Center we need to secure land to do it.

·      School: Our school is a place of laughter and learning, let’s keep that trend going by making sure we are growing to fit our student’s needs! Classrooms, classrooms and more classrooms are the first order of business, then a dining hall, school kitchen and playground.

We have had a wonderful first decade with you! As the confetti settles we know now more than ever that this party is just getting started! We cannot wait to see how God will continue to bring his will and his vision to Malawi! Thank you for being an integral part of that as YOU follow God’s leading today!

Posted on October 28, 2016 .