Brace for Impact!

What Impact Has Malawi Had on You?

I've caught up with several of our interns over the past week, to ask this loaded question, "What impact has Malawi had on you?" I love the varied deep and fun answers that have come as a result. I hope you enjoy these stories over the next few days of the transformation that has taken place in people's hearts because they had the opportunity to engage and experience life at the Grace Center in Malawi, Africa.

We'll start off our Impact Stories by hearing from Karly Short. Karly is a nursing major at Indiana Wesleyan University. She has traveled to Malawi the past two summers with Circle of Hope for a total of 9 weeks living at the Grace Center! Karly graduates from IWU in May and will be spending this summer in America -- because she's getting married. We're okay with that, but not for any other reason!

Posted on January 21, 2014 .