Co-operating with God to do the Impossible

One of the greatest evangelist missionaries was E. Stanley Jones. I’ve been reading one of his books lately called “How to Pray”. It is a simple little book, but filled with encouraging steps for growing in my prayer life.

“Prayer tones up the total life. I find by actual experience I am better or worse as I pray more or less. If my prayer life sags, my whole life sags with it; if my prayer life goes up, my life as a whole goes up with it. To fail here is to fail all down the line; to succeed here is to succeed everywhere.”

At Circle of Hope, we agree and that is why we are starting a 24 hour prayer team. This team will be praying through out the day and night for the ministry and vision that Jesus has given us of healing for Africa. We believe that the Grace Center and the vision we have for 24 hour prayer, healing, education, health programs and economic development will impact the community, Malawi and eventually reverberate throughout Africa. That is a pretty big vision. And one that will never happen without prayer. Will you join our prayer team? Email us!

“There are many things open to prayer that will never be done unless we cooperate with God to do them.” ESJ

Here are the first few steps to prayer, according to ESJ. I encourage you to begin using these steps in your own life and ask you to please pray through them for Circle of Hope!

  1. Breathe the prayer, “Lord, teach me to pray.”
  2. Believe that God is much bigger than we ever imagined. He is not confined to the laws of nature or the constructs of time and space. The picture he gave me for this was that we tend to build our faith into little faith houses. We hang on the walls the pictures of love, joy, faith, family. We decorate it with church going and mission trips. But God does not fit in this box. He is far greater, more powerful, surprising and unexpected, miraculous and phenomenal. Where do you need to allow God to tear down your faith house and lead you out into the unfathomable expanses of his love?
  3. Prayer is not just a refuge for the weak. It is not the last resort of the falling. Prayer is the strength of the strong. It picks us up, lifts us higher, opening new doors and expanding our reach.

This week, ask the Holy Spirit to teach you to pray. Allow him to show you where he wants to break out in new ways. Explore the new strengths that come as you turn to Him in prayer. 

Email us to join the prayer team and let us know a time you'd like to be praying!

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Posted on February 18, 2013 .