Loyce Lumbe

Someone stuck their head around the door frame and motioned me to come outside. There stood a man covered from head to foot with sores. His body was wasted. No medicine in my little bag was going to touch this man’s problem. I asked him his name. “Joseph,” he said.

“Joseph, I have nothing to give you but Jesus. No medicine, no help, but if you are willing, I can pray for you.” He agreed.

We gathered around him to pray but before we could begin Mayi (Mrs.) Lumbe knelt in front of him and looked him straight in the eye. “Once I was sick just like you but now I am fine. Trust Jesus.”

Three years earlier, Mayi Lumbe looked just like this man. Her body was covered with sores, wasted from AIDS. Her husband was already dead from the disease. The church gathered around her to pray and Jesus healed her. The sores went away, the wasting ended.

Now, Mayi Lumbe declares, “What Jesus did for me, I want to do for others.” As one of our CHEs, she dedicates her time to visit the sick in their homes.  She washes their clothes, cooks food, carries water and prays.

 Mayi Lumbe, Jesus uses your hands to leave his fingerprints of grace on the lives you touch every day.

(Pictured here is Mayi Lumbe’s niece, Esther, after being orphaned Mayi Lumbe took over caring for her. What an example of a lady who is willing to do anything for Jesus! )

Posted on November 5, 2012 .