Kennedy Daniel

Kennedy wove a piece of cane into the chair he was making but his mind was not on chairs. His heart burned with the idea that came to his small group during prayer the night before. Visiting the sick in their homes, praying for healing, washing their clothes; helping to carry water and cook food maybe even partnering with the district hospital to get medicines. His mind raced with ideas.

As night fell, he packed his tools and headed home to his family. As he passed the Grace Center, he stopped to see if the pastor was there. He had to get this burden off his heart. They must start this program.

Two weeks later a group of ten people met for the first time as home-based caregivers. They bowed their heads to pray asking God to give them wisdom beyond their abilities and resources beyond their pockets. Then they took the little money they had and bought some aspirin. They agreed the next morning they would begin visiting the sick, meeting their physical needs as they were able and praying for their healing.

“This will be hard work,” Pastor Phiri warned the group. “It is a volunteer position. Remember that people get sick all hours of the day and night. Be prepared for 24 hour service. When someone is sick we must be ready to pray for them or help them to the hospital.” The group agreed.

Now we call this group, Community Health Evangelists (CHEs) and Kennedy is their leader. His strong sense of justice and driving enthusiasm to get a job done keeps the other CHEs hopping.

Kennedy, Jesus uses you to defend the sick and the orphaned. I see His fingerprints of grace all over you. May your battles always be for Jesus.

Posted on October 22, 2012 .