The Power in the Mower

As I pushed the mower around the yard, I kept thinking, "I sure lost a lot of muscle this winter. This is a lot harder than I remember." And I kept praying, "Jesus, you know the needs in Malawi, you know the food we need to purchase, the van we need to find, the classroom we need to build and today the DHO was saying we need to hurry up and get our maternity center open. Jesus, this is so much! I don't know how we can do all this."

After I was finished with most of the yard, my grandson, Simon came up to "help" me push the mower. "What's this blue bar, Gramma, can we push that?"


Yes, you guessed it. I mowed most of the lawn without the propelling power of the mower! Just my own strength.

Then Jesus gently began to remind me how he is the power in my life. Without him, I am helpless, struggling, leaning into my own weakness instead of reveling in his strength. As soon as I pulled on that lever, the mower leapt into action, it pulled me around the yard!

Will you help me pull the lever on some Jesus power today? I know that sounds a little cheesy, but he has never failed to help us and I know he will meet every need now.

Our Current Needs:

1. We need to find food for the next year. This is possible, but it is more expensive due to Cyclone Idai and to severe flooding in Malawi.

2. We need to purchase a van for our summer teams and for the GC. We would also like to purchase a 1 1/2 ton truck to use for agriculture and work around the GC. The van is $15,000; the truck is $8000.

3. My husband, Leonard, will be in Malawi for 2 months this summer. We seriously want him to oversee the building of our new classrooms and construction at the clinic for the Maternity. In order for him to be able to oversee the work, we need to raise about $20,000 for the classrooms and maybe $15,000 for the maternity (I'm still gathering all the requirements, so this number may change in the days ahead as we finalize the needs). Pray for Leonard to have wisdom and special eyes to see as the work is going on, I ask by faith knowing that God will provide the resources.

4. Our teams are leaving in just one month. Please pray for team leaders Karly Glibert, Rachel Weber, Kenzie Coulter, Michelle Hortenberry and Seth Kornegay as they are getting our teams prepared.

5. Our Medical team will be sharing the clinic this summer with the regular work that is going on there. We've spent lots of time planning and preparing for this, but it is a challenge to figure out how we'll put so many children through a space that is already occupied by a lot of people. Thank you for keeping us covered in prayer.

6. Our Education team will be meeting with the children every day for small group activities in creative/critical thinking. Pray for our team to be able to communicate across language barriers and for strength as they will be working with a lot of different children.

7. Our Evangelism team will be leading a Youth Conference for Malawian youth from teh GC area and extended areas. Pray for Ryan Kennell as he is our conference evangelist. Pray for Seth and the worship band as they lead. Pray for Kenzie, Leonard and myself as it is near the end of our time in Malawi and we know we'll be tired.

Posted on April 17, 2019 .