Why Do We Need School Lunch?

The first picture below shows one of many common fields in our community right now. Rains have been good but soil depletion and lack of resources to purchase expensive inputs make it impossible to grow enough food to feed a family. The bottom picture shows our demonstration field at the GC. Using composting and mulch, we're growing beautiful crops. Our goal is to teach these methods in our community.

Please pray for a few things:

  • families who are suffering from hunger and whose hearts are aching because they know their fields aren't producing again this year;

  • our community training for village leaders to be well received and for changes to begin happening in our community through the leadership;

  • resources to purchase food for school lunches for the next year. 

 Your gift for FOOD keeps kids in school and relieves the pressure of starvation off families while we are still working to improve agriculture in our community. 

Posted on March 14, 2019 .