Community Transformation: Healthcare Changes Lives

As an organization we are committed to community transformation. Healthcare is a key way we're bringing that change to the Grace Center and surrounding community.

My baby would have died.
— Alinafe
alinafe and victoria.jpg


Our Maternity Center isn’t open yet, but that doesn’t stop us from taking care of moms and babies! Alinafe gave birth to Victoria after a very serious bout of malaria. After 5 days her breastmilk supply was still not in, she came begging for formula. We kept her for a few days and pushed lots of water, within a day her breastmilk came in and Baby Victoria began to thrive.



Can you imagine if this quote was your own? What powerful words...fearing for your child's life is no small concern.

Join us in making this change REAL and this problem RARE as we get our doors open and help countless others. Plus, see how far we have already come. 

Posted on January 19, 2018 .