Now what?

Our last team is heading home to America today. We have had a blessed summer filled with learning and adventure and A LOT of Jesus! 

It is hard to see Summer 2017 come to a close and to say goodbye to our precious kiddos and friends but like all good things it must come to an end. 

Our last team has said their goodbyes and is heading home today. 

Our last team has said their goodbyes and is heading home today. 

Transition times can be rough. I remember boarding the plane when I left Malawi for the first time and I was at a complete loss on how to transition from Malawi back home. When our teams leave Malawi they take lots of joyous and beautiful memories with them but they also take heartaches and hard goodbyes.

When walking around Malawi you see many of the difficulties life in a third-world country. People are HUNGRY. People are BROKEN. People are STRUGGLING. At the time, you see it and process pieces of it but the true JOY of Malawi covers some of the pain temporarily. 

Our community has many hardships, but their love of Jesus and their sweet, community spirit overcome. However, the hardships and struggles of people you've come to know and love weigh heavy on your heart when you're no longer there actively serving them. 

So, now what?

Now, we continue. CONTINUE is the word for our teams as they transition back AND for you as you support them and our friends in Malawi. 

  • CONTINUE to pray. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective and that is very most any of us can do for the ones we love.

  • CONTINUE to love. It is okay to be vulnerable enough to love. Love can be hard but it is SO worth it! Jesus' life taught us that pure love sustains us and changes us into who God intends us to be. 

  • CONTINUE to sponsor. We still have MANY kids who need sponsors. Our ministry works because people commit to our children and make a HUGE difference in their lives while building a personal relationship...there is a child waiting for that connection with you!

  • CONTINUE to talk. Sometimes when we reach the end of a phase or the beginning of a difficult transition we want to clam up and bottle those hard-to-process feelings. DON'T! Proverbs 31:8-9 tells us to speak up for those who have no voice. It is a good and healthy thing to speak about your experiences in Malawi OR to speak about a passion God has given you (even if you were not in Malawi with us this summer). 

  • CONTINUE to share. We LOVE seeing pictures from our team members summers! We will continue to share pictures and we want to see yours! Even if you haven't been to Malawi we want to see your smiling face and walk through life with you...that's what community does! 

Let's pray over our teams and friends as we transition:

Dear Heavenly Father,
You ARE a good, good father! We see your goodness and your love. We realize we do not deserve your unending grace so we do the only thing we can in response to such love; we worship and adore you! 
Please be with our teams who are returning home Lord. Thank you for safe travels for everyone so far this summer Jesus, please continue that with our last team. Father, please bind their hearts to you and show them their purpose that you have for them. 
Help us to CONTINUE Lord. May we continue to serve you in all we do.
We love you and praise your Holy Name.
Posted on July 26, 2017 .