Transformation, Transition, and Trust

Great news of smiles, giggles, hard work, and tearful goodbyes from our first team. We are thankful for the medical care, clothes, love, attention, and joy our team members shared with the children and staff of the Grace Center over the past couple weeks. 

Medical Team and Community Health Evangelists

Medical Team and Community Health Evangelists


Just as we are saying see ya later to one team our next has arrived! That's right: the education team has landed in Malawi! 

The joy on Abusa's face says it all! 


Are you wanting to join in on the fun but you're not headed to Malawi? SPONSOR!

Sponsorship is a great way to connect with our kiddos and play a HUGE part in our programs! Click the link below and choose your sponsor child or message us on Facebook and our team that's in Malawi will choose for you and get some pictures! 

Another BIG need we have for those of you at home is PRAYER

Our teams are serving, our kids are growing, our staff is working hard BUT there are still obstacles. We need you to pray, pray, pray! We TRUST the Lord to complete the good work he has started and we know part of our role is to pray and wait on him.  

How can you pray?

-Prayers of thanksgiving for Pastor Phiri's safety in a recent car incident.

-Prayers for completion of our 5th and 6th grade classrooms

-Prayers for a complete and quick solution to our bed bug problem! (We are making progress and sealing the walls well but we want this to COMPLETE.) 

-Pray for our team members headed home from Malawi now...may their transitions be smooth and their processing go well. 

-Pray for our new team members who just arrived.

-Pray for our kids as they adjust to the changing of teams and all that involves.


More great news: the transformation does not stop with people! Our campus is transitioning daily and transforming before our eyes as the new 5th and 6th grade classrooms are being built. It's amazing to see God's plans in action isn't it?

Stay tuned for more updates from Malawi and like us on Facebook for live shots of our teams and kids all summer long!

Posted on June 9, 2017 .