The Value of a Future

We have talked to you about the land we’re needing to purchase…the land adjacent to the Grace Center that will give us room to GROW and ACHIEVE to BUILD and DREAM! Let’s talk about the value of that land…

There are lots of ways to find the value of land from surveying to visually assessing but at the end of the day the value of land is largely the value of the promise it holds, the water, the fertile soil, the location…those all give you an idea of how useful the land will be in the days to come. 

God has called us to develop the community around the Grace Center, to feed into the people and let his goodness and love show. We see the value of this property as infinite because of the infinite promise and doors in God’s kingdom it will open. We know part of this call and vision he has given us is to build a university. At THIS spot, he has shown us the gates that will stand as a welcoming spot for thousands of Malawians to walk through.

The value of this land is truly the value that we place on the charge he has given us and the promises he has asked us to stand upon. We know He is good and He will provide. We are humbled he has used us as a means of provision for his children in Malawi. We are now looking for partners who understand what it means to value something for the future it holds, to value our children for the call God has on their lives! If you’re ready to partner with us in acting upon God’s call help us secure this needed piece of land! Here’s how: 

1. Give a Legacy Gift- The Legacy gift allows you to place a stone with your loved one's name or your own name engraved on it at the entrance to the Grace Alliance University. These engraved stones will tell the story for decades to come of those who faith-partnered with us to bring transformation to Malawi and to Africa. Legacy gifts are $1000 or more toward the Land purchase. Request one name for each $1000 you give and leave a legacy of education! Examples: Len and Karen Roller, The Roller Family, Circle of Hope International.

2. Give an Honor Gift- The Honor Gift allows you to place a name on a plaque that will acknowledge our faithful supporters who have brought this vision to life. Any gift of $100 or more toward the land purchase will be memorialized on our plaque. Request one name for each $100 you give and leave a lasting memory of your loved one at the Grace Center.

Posted on December 9, 2016 .