Update on Malawi Floods

It is the rainy season in Malawi. In December the people of Malawi prepare for the rain to come. They begin working in their gardens and homes in expectation for the rain to bring life to their harvest. This year brought something different. With the rains came destruction and devastation to people across Malawi. Homes were swept away, fields were destroyed and lives were lost.

The worst flood in over half a century pummeled Malawi and neighboring country, Mozambique taking the lives of at least 200 people.  174,000 people have been displaced and 638,000 have been personally affected by the destruction… possessions swept away, crops lost, and water sources contaminated.  “Tragic doesn’t even come close. How can you restart your life when you can’t even afford a saucepan, let alone rebuild a home? (The Guardian)” Though the rains have calmed, the destruction left behind is astronomical.

Malawi is currently battling to prevent an outbreak of cholera and other waterborne diseases as a result of standing water. Approximately 200 camps for displaced people have been created, but continued assistance is needed to provide food and shelter. Unfortunately, there are still some areas that remain unreachable because of the flooding. International relief agencies are providing assistance.

The majority of the population of Malawi lives in rural areas. Each family works in their gardens to produce their own food to survive. The impact of the flooding leaves families without homes, and without a means to provide food for themselves. The flood has created a potentially severe food shortage in the months to come, as crops have been destroyed and livestock has been lost.

The Grace Center, home to our orphanage and schools, has not been hit with as much destruction as the southern regions of the country. Though the storm did take its toll on the Grace Center, no crops were destroyed, no livestock were lost, and no lives were taken! We are praising God for His protection over our Malawian family!  


The storm did leave its mark on the Grace Center. All of the fences around our orphan homes were destroyed; the fences of the goat pens and the clinic were also torn out by the wind. The toilets at the schools and homes have filled with water and caved in. We are in the process of rebuilding and have been incredibly blessed by the response from the Circle of Hope family after we shared about the damage. A total of $2,200 has been given toward re-building! There is still time to give toward re-building our fences and bathrooms. You can help with this need by sending your gift to Circle of Hope International, PO Box 132, Wilmore KY 40390. Or donate online and mark your gift Floods. 

Posted on February 4, 2015 .