Happy Universal Children's Day!

By: Kaitlyn Miller

Today is Universal Children’s Day, a day set aside to focus on our future generations. How blessed we are to be surrounded by sweet giggles, reciting ABC’s, lively soccer games, first steps, and new dreams and perspective like only a child can display.

At Circle of Hope, we embrace the call God has given us to care for his children! We are humbled and appreciative of the active role in loving these kids our supporters take daily through their partnership.

Due to this great partnership and God’s provision, we have been able to take what started as an orphan feeding program and grow to meet the needs of our Malawian kiddos with a pre-school, primary school, school lunches and breakfasts, homes for babies, girls, and boys; giving hope to the future one step at a time.

Sadly, Malawi has seen tragic times this year with floods, draught, and storms devastating families and destroying food stored for the year. The U.N. estimates 2.8 million people will be without food this year in Malawi. These millions are not just faceless people they are our friends and loved ones.

On a day like today, when we are focused on our children, let’s think about how this hunger and need will impact our kids. How much learning can you accomplish in a day if you only have one meal? How tall will you be if you have no access to what your body needs to grow? What dreams do you have if you do not see the future as a given?

This does not have to be the case for our children. We have 10 days left in our Feed Malawi campaign and NOW is the time to take action! We are over a quarter of the way to our goal of $40,000 raised to provide breakfast AND lunch for our school kids every day. We believe that every meal we can give is one closer to seeing real learning, dreams, and joy radiate from our children in Malawi just as it should.

Click the button to see our Feed Malawi donation page. We are excited to watch the total go up and the blessings pour in! Will you join us?

Posted on November 20, 2015 .