The Piece In My Hands- Deidra Klaus

I took my first trip to Malawi just a few semesters into nursing school, and then again in 2013. These summers working at the Grace Center made my heart grow bigger and bigger for the people of Malawi. So big, that when I left, it seemed to leave a gigantic hole in my heart. How could I contribute to the work in Malawi if I wasn’t physically there on the red dirt of Africa?  Soon I discovered that when I tell my friends about a child and show them a picture their beautiful face, their heart begins to stir as well. That child is no longer lost in the mix of the thousands of children in Africa that need love and that seem impossible to reach and help in a tangible way. That child now became real, she has a face, and a name, and a story. This is when I learned that I can still be a part in the great work being done in Malawi from this side of the Atlantic!

In sharing the stories of these children with a friend who has a huge heart for orphans, Pictures of Hope was born. Pictures of Hope is an annual event held in Eureka, IL to help connect people here in the U.S. to the children that Circle of Hope supports. We offer mini photography sessions all day for an open donation, with all proceeds going directly towards the work God is doing in Malawi through Circle of Hope. We share our stories about the children while families get their family pictures taken.

plain puzzle piece orange_white copy.jpg

What is my piece in the puzzle right now? I am simply a person who adores the children at the Grace Center and is helping connect people here in the U.S. to the people in Malawi. Through events like Pictures of Hope, it’s so encouraging to see such generosity come from people who have never even met our children, and my hope is that through this event they will continue to support COH: prayerfully, financially, or through sharing COH with others.

What is the piece in your hands?

Posted on September 26, 2014 .