World Malaria Day -- Get Informed and Pray

Learn about Malaria:

Pray Informed Prayers:

Pray for the development of a vaccine. Clinical tests are being done now to test a vaccine that will prevent the transmission of P. falciparum (one of four malaria carrying parasites). Pray for further development of vaccines. 

Pray for access to medication. One of the greatest challenges we face in our community in Malawi is access to medicine. Often the local clinic does not have medication on hand to treat malaria. 

Pray for the completion of our Clinic and Maternal Care Center. While our building is complete, there are still several steps to go through before we can open the clinic for seeing patients full-time. The greatest barrier is $25,000. Pray for the funds to be donated soon. I would love to send this gift to Malawi before I leave in 5 weeks. Go to Step Two! 

Pray for the nation of Malawi. Elections will be held in May for a new president. Nationalized medicine is dependent on faithful politicians who will work to bring development and industry to the nation of Malawi.

Pray for our Agriculture Programs. Strong and healthy people are able to fight malaria in creative and effective ways. They are able to farm, develop resources and recognize when abnormal has become normal. Go to Step Three!

Pray for our children. The Grace Center Anemia Program has saved so many lives! Pray for healing for our preschoolers who have been identified with severe anemia brought on by malaria. Pray for sponsors to provide the meat for these children. Go to Step Four!

Poverty is a vicious cycle that is extremely difficult to break. Pray for God, our Father, to break the chains of poverty, to release His resources for His people, to renew the land and restore the nation of Malawi.

Posted on April 25, 2014 .