2015 Project Wish List

Here at Circle of Hope we are very excited for Christmas! As we decorate the office and prepare for our Christmas celebrations we couldn't forget our wishlist! Our 2015 Project Wish List!


Our Stocking Stuffer Wish List!

  • Chickens for Children’s Families: $15 for 2
  • Blankets for Children: $15 each
  • Goats for Children’s Families: $60 each
  • Additional Bunk Beds for Timothy’s Home: $150 each
  • A Herd of Goats for a Local Farmer: $600 (Part of a pay it forward campaign to increase meat production in our local community.)
  • Water Tank at Pastor Phiri’s House: $1500
  • Roof on a Smaller Grace Alliance Church: $1500 per church
  • An additional huller for our Mill: $2500
  • Bathrooms at Pastor Phiri’s House: 3 baths, $2000 each
  • A Month of Baby Formula: $3618 (Provides formula for 54 babies.)
  • Seed and Fertilizer for our Fields: $5000


Our Preschool and Primary School

One of the most delightful things about the Grace Center is the happy laughter and joyful learning that happens every day at the Preschool and Primary School. We currently are in the process of completing the last of our lower Primary school classrooms. There are 8 classrooms total plus an administration office.

Our plans for the Schools are extensive and we know it will take several more years to complete our vision, but we wanted to give you just a glimmer of what we hope to accomplish in 2015:

School Kitchen – We can’t wait to move our school kids out of the way of the orphan program and staff meals. Currently more than 800 people are being fed out of our one tiny kitchen. Time to build another kitchen! $8000

Playground – We are so excited for our children to have slides, monkey bars, balance beams, swings and so much more! $75,000

Dining Hall – Most important of all our 2015 school projects is the Dining Hall! Getting our children up off the ground and out of the dirt is our top priority for the Schools. $65,000

Outdoor Learning Center – for learning to grow vegetables year round. The children will learn as part of their everyday classwork and they will also be eating the veggies they grow! $5,000

We need to raise $153,000 to grow our schools.


The Maternal Care Center

One of our most desperate situations is the problem with babies whose mothers have lost their breastmilk supply. We are currently providing formula for 54 babies. This program costs $3618 per month – a very costly solution to what could be a simple fix. We’ve identified several factors that are contributing to the problem:

  • Malnutrition in the mother – not enough food, not enough of the right kinds of food
  • Dehydration – mothers don’t drink enough water
  • Twins – trying to feed two babies while malnourished and dehydrated.
  • Fear – fear of feeding twins
  • Illness – severe illness in the mother that causes the mother to have to stop nursing the baby
  • Death of the mother

In order for our Maternal Care Center to begin  we need to complete the following projects:

  • Maternal Care Center Kitchen – this kitchen will take further strain off our Main Kitchen as we will be able to feed mothers and the children in the Anemia program from this kitchen. $8000
  • Beds for the center - so that mothers can stay for two weeks while we teach them how to rebuild their milk supply, what nutrition they need to nurse and stay healthy and how to keep from being dehydrated. $2750
  • Toilets - $2000

We need to raise $12,750 to begin the Maternal Care Center.

Staff Housing

As we look to the future and continue to strengthen our partnership with the Grace Alliance Church, one of the things we would like to do is send US Staff members to live in Malawi. These called and gifted persons will come alongside the Malawian people to teach in our schools, work at the clinic and help with administrating our sponsorship program in Malawi. Our greatest barrier to sending US Staff is our housing situation. In 2015, we would love to build two US Staff houses and one Malawian staff house (for Malawian medical personnel).

Each staff house is estimated at $60,000.

Finish the Grace Center Church Building

We are excited about the potential for this building. Currently, the Grace Center congregation is meeting in one of the clinic rooms, on the porch and under the trees outside the clinic. What a wonderful day when they can all meet together in one room!

Also, we can’t wait to see our Preschoolers and Primary students gathering daily for chapel time. That is going to be the most awesome time of worship as our children dance and sing praises to Jesus. 

And finally, we will be so thankful to have a place designated for healing prayer, pastoral training, and Evangelism classes.

We need to raise $90,000 to complete the church building. 

Posted on December 5, 2014 .