The Watchman at the Gate

Urgent Edifala's Story

I was truly lost. My life was far from Christ. Our family was very poor.  There was nothing in our home, nothing of any value at all in our lives. My life was terrible. My parents almost gave up on me, I was so awful. I was always fighting and causing trouble everywhere. There were many pastors who tried to preach to me, but one day I finally realized that I needed Jesus. I gave my heart to Jesus and began to follow him. After that my life began to change.

The first time I saw Pastor Phiri, we had just started attending church. It was in 1987. Phiri was a member of my church so we got to know each other. We also started working together. Phiri and I would travel into the mountains to cut bamboo in the forest. We would leave the house at 4 am and climb into the mountains for about 3 hours, cut bamboo for 1 hour and then return. Each of us would carry four bundles of bamboo on our head. Coming back we would run as quickly as we could to get the load home. Then we would sell the bamboo to make money to take care of our families. Around that same time, our church elected us to begin serving as lay leaders together.


In 2006, I was one of the original group of men who started the Grace Center with Pastor Phiri. I remember those nights when our first team came in 2007. We men stayed up through the night, singing and laughing, keeping watch over our visitors.

What’s my piece of the puzzle? I am a watchman! I protect Pastor Phiri and our children. I began working at the Grace Center on April 15, 2009 as a Security Officer. I love my job. It gives me great joy. 

Summer of 2014, All of our Grace Center Security Guards 

Summer of 2014, All of our Grace Center Security Guards 

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