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Follow the Leader

By: Kaitlyn Miller

One of my favorite games to play with the kids in Malawi is follow the leader. It started by accident while in a village one day; I made a funny face and a beautiful little girl laughed then did the same. I stood up, so did she. I hopped on one foot, so did she. We both laughed and laughed. There are things that do not take words and sharing a smile and following an example are certainly those things.

This is a hard time in Malawi, storms and draught have plagued fields and hunger has spread with an estimated 2.8 million people without food this season. Planting will begin soon and relief for those whose food is already gone or running low will not come for months until harvest. What can we do to address this?

Last week, we talked to you about taking a child to lunch.  Having a hard time getting started? Let’s play follow the leader; check out these awesome stories we have been blessed with! It is amazing to see the creative and exciting ways our supporters have taken action in this time of need. We can do this!


Thinking about putting up a tree at work or in the community? Mickenzie Brownlow from Sweetwater, Texas did just that and more. Mickenzie has been to Malawi multiple times and to say it has stolen her heart is an understatement. Mickenzie says since her first time in Malawi she’s had a passion for those living in poverty and hunger. She has taken these passions and partnered with FCCLA in the past and DECA this year to bring change. 

Mickenzie has set up a mini Christmas tree at a local craft fair, in her school cafeteria, and at basketball games with our children’s tags as ornaments. She also set out baskets for people to donate to the school lunch program, purchasing desks for the school, or buying a goat for an orphan. To date, she has raised over $900! Way to go!


  “I have enjoyed every minute of it…because it just proved how big our God is and what he can do when we just look for opportunities and take a step in obedience,” said Mickenzie.

Want to set up a tree but the opportunity comes quickly and you don’t have tags? Gaye Russell from Abernathy, Texas had that exact situation this week. Gaye felt led to set up a tree and advocate for an additional hot meal for our children every day. She did not have time for us to get her tags but she did have creativity and passion. Mrs. Russell set up her tree at church with gift tags and ornaments with the children’s names on the back so it was still personal just without pictures. She was able to raise over $1,000 in one Sunday not because of elaborate presentation or a huge time investment but because she was faithful to follow God’s leading and gave others the opportunity to do the same!

Order your FREE set of tags today and set up your fundraising tree this Sunday at church, or next week in your school or office.

Interested in taking part but setting up a tree doesn’t seem to be a fit? Follow the lead with these other great ideas we’ve seen put into action:

Order your Advocacy Set of Cards today and use them in one of these ways:

-Use the take a child to lunch tags as gift tags on presents and give them to friends and family

-Buy lunches in honor of those around you for Christmas presents and give them to spread the word and show a beautiful child’s face.

-Use the children’s tag as stocking stuffers

-Put the tags on your own Christmas tree and give them to your holiday visitors

-Mail them out in your Christmas cards to loved ones

Do you feel you have other talents and ways to take a child to lunch and lead the others around you while doing it? We have had great members of our community step up and do just that! Have a small business with a good you can use as a promotion? We have seen great results from just that. We appreciate the sacrifice, creativity, heart, and effort! Use whatever way God has give you today!

Our thermometer is steadily rising towards our goal for #feedmalawi to provide hot lunch for our children and these small steps make a BIG difference. We are almost there and these acts can make it possible! Click here to donate to #feedmalawi and see the thermometer rise even more.

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Circle of Hope's Youngest Sponsor



Kayla Johnson's Story 

The picture from Malinda's first trip that inspired Kayla to sponsor children. 

The picture from Malinda's first trip that inspired Kayla to sponsor children. 

Kayla picking out her first sponsor kids! 

Kayla picking out her first sponsor kids! 

My name is Kayla Johnson.  I live in Lubbock, Texas and I am 10 years old.  I first learned about Malawi when my mom’s friend, Malinda, came back from her trip there.  She showed me pictures from her trip.  There was a picture of Malinda with some kids and one of them had a very raggedy and torn up shirt.  I was like, “I want to help.  What can I do to help?”  Malinda told me about being a sponsor and showed me sponsor cards.  It took me a LONG time to decide which kid I wanted to sponsor. I finally chose a girl named Monisi who was 12 and a boy named Evasi who was 4.  I used my money from stock showing to pay for one of them.  I got the money for the second kid by painting pictures and selling them.      

This summer my mom went to Malawi.  When she came back I decided to sponsor 2 little kids that my mom met in Patricia’s home.  I got very attached to them because I got to see pictures and videos that she took when she was there.  One girl, Esther, tried to eat my mom’s finger!  It was very funny. 

What I want to tell everybody is:  Just because you are a kid, doesn’t mean you can’t make your mark on the world.


Make a difference today! Give hope to children in Malawi by visiting our Donate Page 

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A Countdown of Gratitude

237,438 Things we are thankful for this Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for YOU, our amazing supporters. You give generously and selflessly. We are so grateful for your support and your prayers.  Take a few minutes to see what we have done with your gifts this year.

950 Children loved, cared for, prayed over, taught and served.

5 children rescued from terrible situations.

234,000 lunches served.

56 babies lives saved through our formula program.

33 secondary school students sent to school

2000+ families fed during the Hungry Season

120 Staff persons employed -- empowering the local community

6 classrooms built at the Primary School

75 desks made for the Primary School

1 Grace Center water system converted to use solar energy

54 kids played at the beach at Lake Malawi

1 Maize Mill working full time

2 Solar Irrigation System set up on our farms at Chipoka and Gwengwe

100 Staff members trained in First Aid

35 team members sent to Malawi to love, serve, pray and preach

Thank you for making all this possible! It is your generous gifts and your faithful prayers that keep us going.

We also give thanks to the Lord. I know that many times, I did not send enough money to meet all the needs of caring for our 950+ children. We know God did a miracle among us during the hungry season when so many were fed. Thank you, Jesus, for doing exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ask or imagine!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The First to Give - Jeri Roller's Story of a Lifetime of Giving

When did I start giving? My mother would take my sister and me to church when I was a very small child. We always gave not only our tithe but to missions or Sunday School. I don’t remember learning to give, so I think my mother must have taught me from birth. When my dear husband and I were married, instead of a honeymoon, we went to camp-meeting. That’s where we started giving together.

Growing up post-depression, we had to work hard to earn every dollar. One of my most interesting jobs was driving a diaper service truck. I would drive my diaper route twice a week, dropping off the clean diapers and picking up the dirty ones. It may not seem like a hard job, but I’m pretty scrawny!

Gilbert and Jeri Roller (on right)  first trip to Africa in 1991. 

Gilbert and Jeri Roller (on right)  first trip to Africa in 1991. 

My favorite place to give is to my church. I always give there first. The rest is just for joy! I like giving. Why do I give? It is like eating or sleeping or going to church. That’s just what I do. I never think about it or make a big deal about it. I always carry a dollar or two in my church coat pocket. If the offering plate comes by, I’m happy to have something to give. I never miss that dollar.

When my kids, Leonard and Karen Roller, started Circle of Hope, Gilbert and I were glad to give. We wanted to support and encourage them in the work Jesus called them to do. I can’t do much else, especially now, but I can pray a little and give a little. That’s my piece of the puzzle!

What is the piece in your hands? 

“My father and mother in-law, Gilbert and Jeri Roller gave the first donation that started Circle of Hope International in October 2006. When Dad went home to be with Jesus this summer, I was not able to make it back to the US for his funeral. Instead, we had a memorial service for Dad in Malawi. Among the people who attended was a high level chief, who in the past had caused much trouble at the Grace Center. He was deeply entrenched in Malawi’s traditional religion. Since Dad’s memorial service, this chief has been coming to church and learning about Jesus. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for giving to the Lord! We never really know how far our gifts will go.” – Karen Roller  

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