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Meet our New Board Members

Tad and Karly Glibert on their wedding day!

Tad and Karly Glibert on their wedding day!

We are very happy to introduce our two new members on the Circle of Hope Board of Directors. At our board meeting on Monday, March 23rd, we elected Kaitlyn Miller and Karly Glibert to our Board of Directors. Karly and Kaitlyn bring many gifts to the table, however here are our top five reasons for choosing these incredible young women to join us in leading Circle of Hope!

1. Youth: Young people today think differently than past generations, we welcome a fresh voice to our board discussions! 

2. Communication: Both Karly and Kaitly are capable speakers and can share from their personal experiences in Malawi.

Markus and Kaitlyn Miller on their wedding day!

Markus and Kaitlyn Miller on their wedding day!

3. Training: Kaitlyn's strengths are in animal husbandry and nutrition, two very important areas for our programs. Karly is an RN and will be promoting our health education programs and assisting our Community Health Evangelists.

4. Perseverance: Both these young leaders have the tenacity to stick with a project and see it through, not matter how difficult the circumstances. 

5. Present and Future Leadership: More than any of the above, we have felt the importance of leaning into the next generation to prepare leadership for the future by helping them lead now.

One more fun fact about these two amazing ladies. They were both married on July 12, 2013!

Karly and Kaitlyn, welcome to the Circle of Hope International Board of Directors! We are glad you have joined our leadership team! 

I think I fell in love with Malawi the moment I arrived. I remember the overpowering urge to breakdown and weep as I stepped out of the van. My love grew deeper and stronger as I got to know the beautiful people of Malawi, and even more so as I had to leave them and return to America.
— Karly
Malawi captured my heart. I was looking to teach animal husbandry and food safety and hopefully read scripture in the villages and so much more happened; I was blessed by the joyful, selfless passion of my Malawian friends and my life is forever changed.
— Kaitlyn

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