We hope in the near future we will be sending US staff members to partner with our colleagues in Malawi. If you are not called to GO, then it is your responsibility to SEND!

Here are some ways you can get involved in sending now!

1. Help a Team Member Pay for their Trip

We have a lot of team members signed up for going to Malawi this summer. You can make that dream a reality by giving a gift to help them pay for their trip. You can specify your gift for a certain team member, or give to a team in general. Visit our donate page today to give your gift.

2. Pray!

Jesus tells us to pray for workers to send to the harvest. The need is still great today. We would like to have an American teacher working side by side with our Malawian teachers in every classroom at the Grace Center. We need doctors and nurses who are committed to helping people grow in their knowledge of nutrient rich foods as well as preventative care. Do you know someone who is called to missions? Point them in our direction!

3. Build Houses!

We must have a place for our staff members to live at the Grace Center. Our goal is to build three houses as quickly as we can raise the funds. We are estimating the cost of the houses at $180,000 ($60,000 each).

4. Partnerships!

It is our goal that each of our staff members will develop relationships with their supporters that will be more like sending a friend and less like sending a missionary.