Our 2015 Secondary School Students

Our high school students face temptations and challenges that most of them are not equipped to deal with. The influence of western culture is tearing them apart from their cultural roots, temptations of sex are dragging them into the pit of teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS, party atmospheres at some of the schools are leading our kids into situations that keep them from studying and doing well in school. Please join us in praying for God’s protection over our children.

Our 9th Graders

Lino Jonasi – Timothy’s Home

Dianna Chimwendo

Chikumbutso Frank – one of our top scholars

Plesha Frank – another of our top scholars

Alinet Nason

Denise Mwase

Lexina Kampanje

Joseph Joab


Our 10th Graders

Flonika Magomero

Limbikan Wilson

Whitman Zefeniya

Naomi Katema – Patricia’s Home

Samuel Yona

Lexina Katema – Patricia’s Home

Felix Kambazina

Mayesero Langton

Davieson Kankhwani

Abraham Chirwa

Esther Mwase

Enard Enock

Batiwell Enock


Our 11th Graders

Chipililo Mkuzi

Phinias Nathiya

Jameson Velius – one of our top scholars

Kafikeni Samalani

Ridson Mapeto – another of our top scholars

Olipa Kaitande

Henry Benounce – Mr. Mbota’s son

Maurice Raphael

Abudallah Chiwaya

Muhammed William

Elenate Katantha


Our 12th Graders

Francis Chisepa

Cutwell Charley

Christopher Yusuf

Mude Katema – Patricia’s Home

Kondwerani Chimwendo

Eremiya Mangani