Join the Team — Partner with Ryan going to Malawi!


After experiencing truly life-changing summers in 2015 and 2017, the people of Malawi forever claimed a special place in my heart. Despite really having no idea when I’d be back or in what role, I was at peace with that. Malawi was totally off my radar for 2019. However, an unexpected door opened up and the Lord ultimately placed it on my heart to say yes! I’m so pumped to be on the Evangelism Team (June 19th – July 3rd for me) and be a part of a youth conference there at the Grace Center. I’ll be stepping into a youth pastor role as I develop a theme and preach 7-8 messages throughout the conference, expounding on the truth, life, joy, and satisfaction that’s found in Christ alone. God’s Word has the power; my job is just to be faithful.

As I look back over the past year with beginning seminary classes and leading local student ministry, it’s amazing to see how the Lord has been preparing me. I’m incredibly excited to witness heart transformation in the lives of Malawi students this summer! God certainly doesn’t need me, but I’m humbled to be a vessel and offered a front row seat. Come on along for the ride! Your support through partnership is a great blessing and I thank you in advance. Now we go!


Thank you for your gift to send me to Malawi.

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Here's a video about the Grace Center and some of the things our team will do while we are there!