The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to open the clinic!

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to open the clinic!

Being healthy!

Good Health is the foundational piece of Africa's restoration. Healthy people can care for their families, learn new ways of caring for the land, take advantage of available education, and develop their communities to step out of poverty.

Grace Community Health Center is OPEN! We are still celebrating and rejoicing that after all this time, we’ve finally been able to complete our clinic and register with the government. This is such a HUGE step for us and we are so grateful to God for the wonderful provision he has made and the grace he has poured out on this!

Our next goal is to build the Maternity Center where we’ll provide a safe and honorable place for women to deliver their babies.

Here are the specific needs

Completion of our Labor and Delivery Rooms         $8,000

Kitchen for Care-givers and Expectant Mothers     $6,500

Expectant Mother Hostel                                              $8,000

Teaching Pavilion                                                             $6,500