Prayers for the Hungry People of Malawi

Prayer Points

1.   2.8 million people will suffer from food shortages and starvation in Malawi this year.

2.   Many families are cutting back to just one meal a day to stretch their food resources.

3.   Circle of Hope to raise enough to provide school lunch for hundreds of children

4.   Protection and provision for the children and their families

5.   Miracles of food multiplication for families

6.   Soft hearts for donors to give generously

Some Prayer Ideas from the Word

Father, I come to your throne today to remind you of the promises you have made in your Word. Hear my prayer.

Father, so many people in Malawi are hungry today. Give them this day their daily bread. Thank you for your generous provision.

I rejoice in you, O Lord, my helper. My hope is in you. You created all things. You keep all your promises. You give justice to the oppressed and food to the hungry. You free the prisoners; you open the eyes of the blind. You lift up those who are weighed down. You care for the widows and the orphans. The Lord reigns forever! Praise the Lord!                                                     -- from Psalm 146

Jesus, you looked out on the crowd and had compassion on them; you healed all the sick. Often we do not have compassion; we look out on the crowd and our response is to send them away to buy their own food. Help our unbelief, Lord. I don’t want to wallow in the pit of my own lack or rely on my own ability to provide. You are Jehovah Jireh, my provider. Take the little I have and bless it to feed the multitude. Here are my loaves and fishes today.                               --from Matthew 14

You are our Good Shepherd, Jesus. Lead us to green pastures where our children can eat till their tummies are full. Lead us to still waters where we can drink deeply of your living water. Restore our souls. Our cups overflow from your bounty. Thank you, Father.              -- from Psalm 23


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