His Chains are Gone!

Yamikani Sositen 1996 -2016

Yamikani Sositen 1996 -2016

Yamikani's funeral service was attended today by more than 1,700 people. I am thankful that so many people heard about Jesus in the celebration of Yamikani's life. 

Pastor Phiri reports that Isaac Banda preached a powerful message about the freedom that Jesus brings. The Jerusalem Choir sang at the service and after three songs, the family and community begged that they continue to sing. Worship and praise bring so much comfort and peace.

As you pray for Yamikani's family and for our children at the Grace Center, who grieve the loss of their brother, listen to the Jerusalem choir sing. Their song says: I want to know on the day I die, that I have Jesus. Are you ready for that day?

Many of the children singing in the Jerusalem Choir are from Timothy's and Patricia's Home as this choir is from the church that meets on the Grace Center campus.

For 18 years, Yamikani was caught in bondage first to physical chains that held him down, penned in a goat pen for his safety but also bound by the fears and superstitions of his family's beliefs. Though we were able to loosen those cords and set him free, he was never free on this earth from his body ravaged by seizures and the damage done over so many years. It was such an honor to us to be privileged to meet his physical needs and to care for him with love and dignity. Through death, he is completely set free. The chains are gone!

Do you know Jesus? Do you need freedom from bondage that has held you captive for years? Jesus wants to set you free. We would love to pray for you today. Use the contact us link to send us an email.

Because of what Jesus has done for us, our chains are gone. We've been set free.


Posted on February 23, 2016 .