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Is it YOUR turn to go to Malawi?

Experience the love, the joy, the heart break!

Celebrate the excitement, the challenge!

 Be a part of the amazing adventures at the Grace Center!

Our teams are designed to help you grow and transform in your walk with Jesus. Many times people are very concerned about what they will “DO” on a mission trip. We invite you to see what Jesus would have you “BECOME” on a mission trip. Join us as we explore together the faith of Malawians, their incredible strength in the face of poverty, their amazing love for Jesus and for the children He has brought to the Grace Center.  What will we do? We are going to pray with Malawians, we are going to play with and care for children, we are going to minister to the sick and hurting – all at the feet of Jesus. We are available to be used by Jesus, to be His hands, His feet, His voice wherever He may lead us.

It's time to get ready for our 2019 Mission Teams! 

Are you ready to go to Malawi? Please choose the appropriate Application Form below and submit your application today.

First Time Applicant: Never been to Malawi before with Circle of Hope International

Returning Applicant

We are looking forward to our 2019 Teams!

Medical Mission: (May 2019) Our Medical Mission team will give well-child check-ups to all the children in our programs (identifying sick children in the process). We will also gather health information on the children. Our team will work in our local clinic with people from our local community. We will also have the opportunity to participate in community health education activities.

Education and Sponsorship Mission: (June 2019) Our Education and Sponsorship Mission team will be working at Grace Primary School. We provide one-on-one learning opportunities for our students. We will gather all the updated sponsorship information on each child including their family situation, education goals and hopes for the future. 

Evangelism Mission:(July 2019) Our Evangelism team is by invitation only. If you are interested in this team, please contact to ask more questions about the team and the activities. Thank you!

Estimated Costs for 2019Teams to Malawi

Non-refundable Application Fee: $100

Malawi Visa Fee: $100

Meals and Lodging: $750

Project: $250 (includes: translators, special treats for the children, medicines and supplies for clinic, school supplies, improvements on facilities, excess baggage for extra supplies, etc.)

Transportation: $300 (includes renting vehicles, fuel for trips to Salima, Chipoka, Lilongwe, and village visits)

Extended Stay Fee (for interns): $500

Sub-total: $1500 + Airfare: $2000 (this is an estimated cost)

Sub-total for Interns: $2000 + Airfare: $2000 (this is an estimated cost)

Additional costs may include: passport, immunizations, team t-shirts, Sunday service church offering in Malawi, spending money for souvenirs, excess baggage fees, etc. The price of the airfare will be different depending on the date of purchases and flights available. The baggage fee may be up to $200 per 50 lb bag depending on the airline and ticket purchased.

Some Highlights from Our Trips: